Who to ascend

I have the mats for a yellow final ascension. I have Joon, Vivica, Justice and Leonidas waiting. Thoughts?

What’s the rest of your roster like, and what’s your main priority? Titans? Joon. Need a healer? Vivica. Need a defensive tank? Justice

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I would pick Justice, it’s really good hero for tank. Second choice Leonidas. Joon is also good but I would say Leonidas is better. Vivica is bad imho, too slow healer, usually charges mana when fight is almost finished.

Justice for def is nice. Got her by myself. For offense i would choice Joon first.:grin:

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If it will be your first 4.80 yellow then Joon :slight_smile:
But if you are interested on cups and you’ll try to pull Guinevere… wait some more time!


Unless you already have a maxed Joon, you max Joon.

Best overall yellow hero in the game.


I have 31 5’s. I use single color teams so all of these are on the Titan, raid and war team.

I have Musashi fully leveled

You are looking for a well-rounded Offense AND Defense, but all the cards you mentioned are pretty much one or the other.

I like hitting Titans, so I’d choose Joon first. For war, I’d be torn between Justice and Leonidas… :slight_smile:

Leonidas is the best one all around. Justice for defense and Joon for attack. I leveled Joon. Nice attack and fast mana. I use single color teams so I use them all together. Joon and musashi with their fast mana are very helpful with titans and war

Leonidas is mediocre at everything.

Justice is great on defence as tank in AWs.

Viv/Del are 5* healers, cant go wrong with that.

Joon is great on offence, defence and titans.

Recently I have been more focused on how fast they generate mana. I try to have 2 fast mana’s on every team. Musashi and Joon cause chaos with raids and wars.

I’m having much the same dilemma … I don’t have Vivs but I now have Justice, Joon, and Leonidas all at 3/70…

I have been respecting Leonidas as a tank, and felt he was a better tank than Justice personally.

So I was thinking I would go that way, but with Zimkitty being a Druid, I’m kinda digging the idea of her at Tank…

I would love to get some more thoughts before I pull the trigger. Here’s my lineup:

4th ascension 5*:

3rd ascension 5*
Gregorion l

4/70 4*
Jack o hare
Two Wu Kongs

Basically having the two Magni and the Gregorion for so long, I’ve felt “covered” as far as snipers go.

So the biggest thing is who is the best fit on defense…

One unfortunate thing is I only have the one 5* healer, so currently my team is:

Alby - Victor - zimkitty- magni - BT

SO I could ascend a 5* and replace Victor and leave BT … or I could hold out for a healer 6* to put in the corner where BT is. … or I could just throw Joon or Leon over where BT is and run with just the one pseudo-healer (seems suboptimal for wars, at least.)

I’m feeling like Vivs might be a better fit for my squad.

I’ve got 8 Darts, btw


I’m hoping to revive this topic as I too have a similar difficulty to @Duaneski above :

I have Vivica (who I just got) and Leonidas (who I received 2 weeks ago) and I also have Ranvir who’s been waiting in the wings for quite awhile. I’m finishing Poseidon and want to know who to level up next.

Well it seems Ranvir and Vivica are neck 'n neck in another thread which I wasn’t able to revive so I thought I’d try here.

Just today I received Vivica! From a TC20. My 3rd 5☆ from my 2 TC20s in the three months I’ve been running them. Not the best odds, but at least they come through once in a great while. I also received Leonidas 2 weeks ago from the summon gate! And I’ve had Ranvir in the wings for quite awhile waiting for Poseidon 4/66 to level up.

So, would you be able to tell me which is better or worse than the other 2? Maybe even rank them. I like Leo’s -mana alot and the others can’t provide that. Please add your reasoning too :smiley: Thank You

Hiya @amrath

Between your four options:

  1. Poseidon
  2. Vivica
  3. Leonidas
  4. Ranvir

Poseidon already has all the materials spent. Thus finish him.

Between the rest, I would advise a healer as they are hard to come by in the 5* arena. Added to that the potential for you to get a costume for Viv & thats why she’s my recommended one to do next.

I Put Ranvir outright last for a couple reasons. The main one being that hes only SLIGHTLY better than Wu Kong who is MUCH MUCH MUCH cheaper to ascend, level, feed & emblem. I talk more about it in the thread linked below but… yeah. In my absolute honest opinion, Ranvir is one of the worst HotM ever released…

Because Ranvir is out of contention it puts Leo into 3rd spot.

Comparison of Ranvir to Wu Kong:

Thank you @Guvnor

How come, do you think, yellow has such weak legendary heros like Ranvir and Neith?

Vivica was one of my 1st 5 stars almost 3 years ago and I still use her on almost every team and for almost every quest, titan and raid. Her and kunchen are mainstays on almost every team i use paired with 3 fast snipers.

All colours have their shyte heroes. Some value them more than others but all colours have heroes that people turn their nose up at.

Yellow just got a bit unlucky with some of theirs BUT yellow also has some super desirable heroes like Guin, Joon, Drake etc…

And yellow also has some cool event hero’s… Love my white bunny.

Vivica was my first holy 5 completed has come in very useful.

Ranvir would become redundant fast if you drew Tarlak, let alone if you get lucky when Miki comes up in Atlantis.

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