Joon Vs Vivica

Just got the toys to give Joon or Vivi their last cheveron. I have Drake and Onatel @4-66, Chao @ +19m Leo @ 4-45, I have 2 purple, 2 Kiril,Boldtusk, Melendor all with talents. Looking for suggestion on the final leveling

As you already have drake and onatel i would choose viv… there are not many 5* healers she is a great healer and ailment dispeler…
If on other hand you are a fan of snipers (i am) joon as a place in any player rooster!


Agree with Rfm … you have Drake and Onatel … so I would focus on levelling Vivica for her 5* healing powers

100% Vivica for the reasons the prior posters stated

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