Vivica vs Ranvir vs Musashi and other questions

Trying to decide which yellow to do next. See roster below. Current all stars are Jackal+18 and Joon+7. I have Vivica or Ranvir or Musashi or G. Owl.

I am leaning towards Vivica for the following reasons:

  1. Our alliance is a mix of 3200-4200 for war. So we get matched against alliances with a big spread. IMO healers help against mixed level TP teams. If players take weak teams into a team with 1-2 healers there’s a chance you can negate their damage completely and have them score 0 points. That’s pretty huge. So I’m arguing1-2 healers are strong in mixed TP alliance wars.
  2. Healers are stronger in alliance wars than raids because the 3 different buffs are strong and a good payoff for more defensive, healing and/or stalling defenses.
  3. Vivica is my first 5* healer
  4. Vivica is my only yellow healer since Sha Ji. I like having a healer of every color.
  5. I’m just finishing Ursena but if I get Seshat then I wanna use both in my defense. In order to make color stacking vs me less effective I’d say my two purples are best balanced by two yellows. Joon and Viv would make a pretty sweet twosome to go along with Ursena/Seshat. Gravemaker would be the fifth. We run red tanks in war so GM will be my tank there soon taking over from my BT+15. So when BT is replaced I have no healer. So I thought Viv is really the only choice.

For war:

For raid:

Is what I was thinking. Am I crazy? Is my plan a solid one or should I be doing Musashi, Ranvir or Owl instead and why? Thanks for the responses.

Bonus questions!

  1. I don’t have the mats yet for red but would you lean towards Mitsuko, Anzogh or Azlar as my 2nd red after Gravemaker?

  2. With 11 tonics should I just do one of my Margarets? I’m not in love with her but there are a lot of sniper heavy teams in high diamond. She would be useful for the green tile dmg on titans.

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Depends on what you are focusing on.

War - Vivica (wings)
Raid defense - Owl (wings)
Raid offense - Vivica
Titans - Ranvir

Red - Mitsuko (all rounder - can be used for offense and defense - great stats as well)

Green - Margaret is great on offense especially on sniper teams (great addition to a green stack)


I would go with vivica. You really need her. And she should be maxed cause she is really slow. And Anzogh would give you asecond red one you can´t use beside a red Tank (Gravemaker) On the other hand Ranvir could work at 3-70 for titans if you protect him with wilbur. You have al lot of tonics. You could level Margaret and still wait for a better other green 5*.

i think the order in which you should ascend them is in the title.

since you have joon, musashi is not a priority, and ranvir can wait a bit since you have wu maxed.

viv, ranvir, musahi for sure.

mitsuko is a good all around choice but i would consider anz too if you do heavy color stacking(since you have both bt and wilbur). i doubt you will miss with either. i dont have experience with azlar.

i’m not sure about margaret but you don’t have any other options. generally the consensus is that she is not a good first 5* choice but you play with what you have, especially since you have a good tonic buffer in case lianna visits you tomorrow

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