(Video) How to Kill an Ares Tank

Had a few folks ask about killing Ares tanks, so I made a video. Enjoy!

Link to post: http://7ddgaming.com/2018/05/05/video-kill-ares-tank/



Thank you Avicious. I appreciate your generosity.

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AVICIOUS: If I can help in any way…

ME: Lend me your Lianna! :grin:

Love your videos, buddy. :wink:


Haha thanks. I’d happily lend you Lianna if you return her!

Never have I had Alby not resurrect someone casting twice - that’s great fortune!

Thanks for letting the cat out of the bag though :slight_smile:


An Ares owner

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Of course. All tanks must be thwarted!!! :slight_smile:

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