(Video) How To Kill: Aegir, Delilah, Kunchen, Guinevere, Ares, Zeline, and more!

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nice video and a perfect example that you can win with 500 power less against all tanks by making the right choices.

One thing I noticed as a small bug: at about 16:15 Joon has full mana and fires his special, but the graphics show 1 at the sword and not S


TY for making/posting, always enjoy your vids :slight_smile:

Is there a way you could if possible make one showcasing 4* tanks ?

I see a lot of forum posts about which tank, that tank every which way but tank :stuck_out_tongue:

Best Regards

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Interesting. Thanks for pointing it out.

I’d love to! A bit busy with real life at the moment. So, hopefully soon. Thanks for the compliments :slight_smile:

Hey folks, I’d like to continue this series, but what tanks would you like to see killed?

Gravemaker is the first one up, but want to do others. Thanks all!


Frida for sure, Burrito, RedHood, QoH, maybe Evelyn and the new slow resurrecting Atlantis cancer… :wink:


In line with @Olmor I would appreciate a video with Red Hood, Queen and Atomos,
additionally I would add Onatel and Kage

knowing, that most probably Atoms tank would be hard to find

Thank you


Santa tanks hard.
Mama against Papa :wink:

Mine 3,3K vs 4,1K…


Love it @Olmor!!! Thanks for the response :slight_smile:

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Stacked against Onatel…

4K all emblemed vs mine 3,5K.


See ya Onatel :wave:


Guin casted twice, but… isn’t unbeatable. :poop:

Toughest team I raided so far 4.14K @631 more TP…

Board was bad in the beginning, but became mine afterwards.


Alasie with a heavy green stack.

Hel and the craziest defeat I ever had. Inari is real fun… Multiple MN revives, my team was almost dead a few times, and then a loss right before the opponents terminal breathe… :rofl:


Many thanks for making and posting the vids :slight_smile: (top tunes too btw)

Would like to see a Frida tank one too if you could that would be great


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Is Frida a difficult tank to deal with?

Like every other.
Stack a few against it and it’ll die before becoming dangerous.

You could have easily won that many times. If you just blew up the yellow @ 4 mins it would have ghosted the green tile, loaded up MN 2 and you could have healed lol


Raid against a much stronger TC20 fast vanilla team…

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I’ve had a very busy couple weeks, but as soon as I can get back to this series, I will. I’m sure you know how RL works… :wink: Hehe

Appreciate the updates and request. :slight_smile:


One against 5 fast hitters with Onatel as tank, 3 more HotM (Eve, Zimi, Frida) and Sartana. My team about 600 weaker and not a single fast mana… Was quite close.

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