(Video) How To Kill: Aegir, Delilah, Kunchen, Guinevere, Ares, Zeline, and more!

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nice video and a perfect example that you can win with 500 power less against all tanks by making the right choices.

One thing I noticed as a small bug: at about 16:15 Joon has full mana and fires his special, but the graphics show 1 at the sword and not S


TY for making/posting, always enjoy your vids :slight_smile:

Is there a way you could if possible make one showcasing 4* tanks ?

I see a lot of forum posts about which tank, that tank every which way but tank :stuck_out_tongue:

Best Regards

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Interesting. Thanks for pointing it out.

I’d love to! A bit busy with real life at the moment. So, hopefully soon. Thanks for the compliments :slight_smile:

Hey folks, I’d like to continue this series, but what tanks would you like to see killed?

Gravemaker is the first one up, but want to do others. Thanks all!

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Frida for sure, Burrito, RedHood, QoH, maybe Evelyn and the new slow resurrecting Atlantis cancer… :wink:

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In line with @Olmor I would appreciate a video with Red Hood, Queen and Atomos,
additionally I would add Onatel and Kage

knowing, that most probably Atoms tank would be hard to find

Thank you

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Santa tanks hard.
Mama against Papa :wink:

Mine 3,3K vs 4,1K…

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Love it @Olmor!!! Thanks for the response :slight_smile:

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Stacked against Onatel…

4K all emblemed vs mine 3,5K.

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See ya Onatel :wave:

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Guin casted twice, but… isn’t unbeatable. :poop:

Toughest team I raided so far 4.14K @631 more TP…

Board was bad in the beginning, but became mine afterwards.

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Alasie with a heavy green stack.

Hel and the craziest defeat I ever had. Inari is real fun… Multiple MN revives, my team was almost dead a few times, and then a loss right before the opponents terminal breathe… :rofl:


Many thanks for making and posting the vids :slight_smile: (top tunes too btw)

Would like to see a Frida tank one too if you could that would be great


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Is Frida a difficult tank to deal with?

Like every other.
Stack a few against it and it’ll die before becoming dangerous.

You could have easily won that many times. If you just blew up the yellow @ 4 mins it would have ghosted the green tile, loaded up MN 2 and you could have healed lol

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Raid against a much stronger TC20 fast vanilla team…

I’ve had a very busy couple weeks, but as soon as I can get back to this series, I will. I’m sure you know how RL works… :wink: Hehe

Appreciate the updates and request. :slight_smile:

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One against 5 fast hitters with Onatel as tank, 3 more HotM (Eve, Zimi, Frida) and Sartana. My team about 600 weaker and not a single fast mana… Was quite close.

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