Victor, Quintus, or Domitia?


my dark raid mono team is Hel, Rigard (I use mainly costumed one), Seshat, Sabina and Tiburtus. All heroes are maxed and the 4* ones have maximum of emblems as well. This team is so strong that I sometimes use it successfully even against dark tanks (when flanks are holy etc.)

Now I have enough materials for to perform final ascension of a 5* dark hero, and my Victor, Quintus and Domitia are ready for it. Which one would you ascend to best fit my team? I intend to replace a 4* one with this hero, probably either Sabina or Rigard, at least when there will be no need for two healers.


For me Victor!!
20 charactore!

My suggestion is for you to ascend and max Quintus and Domitia only if you have their costumes. Otherwise, ascend Victor. Very fast heroes are almost always very very very useful.


I agree with @Ultra. Dom and quintus only worth with their costume, otherwise they are not strong enough

Victor is a very fast hero with def buff for all ally. You can switch sabina with him. Victor buff can substitute the usual heal from Sabina, making 1 healer is enough (rigard)


Hi, I have no costumes of the two, so I have ascended Victor. Thanks for your advice!

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Clearly even with costumes its absolute victor. There shouldnt be a doubt.

Take off sabina and put it victor instead. So the team would be
RigardC, seshat, victor, hel, tiburtus

You have everything a team needs.
Attack up (Rigard)
Cleaner (rigard)
Dispeller (seshat)
Heal (rigard)
Defense up (victor)
Mana control (hel)
Defense down (tiburtus)
Heal block/steal (victor)

This team will work really good. Victor instead of sabina works fine because he goes off faster and the defense buffs spares a bit of damage, deals a bit of damage and controls enemy heal.

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