Choose a dark hero: Marie therese, Quintus or Domitia?

I have a good purple roster (C Rigard, Panther, Freya, Kage, Clarissa, Obi, a bunch of 4*). Which should be the next to ascend?

  • Quintus Costumed
  • Domitia
  • Marie Therese
  • None, should wait for better hero

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I have all 3 (on 3.70) and not impressed with any to take them to max.

You seem to lack sniper/direct damage dealer so perhaps Domitia is not a bad choice in your case.


I have Marie-Thérèse and like her, but mainly because she is fun to play. Also, when I got her, my only healer was cVivica, and she is good backup healer. If you emblem her towards HP and Def she can be solid tank. Quintus is meh even with his costume. However if you’d be lucky to grab Domitia’s costume, then my vote would go to her, because in her costume she is murder.

Bot as it is, MT.

I’d back this up if he had no C. Rigard. With him in roster, MT is a bencher.

I have all of them and the ones I use the most are Domitia 4.80+19 followed by Marie-Thérèse 4.80 and Quintus 4.80

Domitia hit is decent and the dispel is very helpful.
Marie-Thérèse is a good healer/dps hybrid, she isn’t a worldbeater but everything helps.
Quintus is seriously lacking, I only use him with Ranger Rigard and Paladin Tiburtus.

I would do Domitia unless you need more healers.

Have Marie at +18 and love her! Use her as right flank in my raid defense and it holds up quite well.

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