Victor or Ursena for offensive

Hi there,

I need your help for my next decition.
While my defence is not a problem Im not shure who to level next, Victor or Ursena… For defence there are full leveled Gunivere, Kunchen, Black Knight and so I think that another great tank is not necessary, for wing and flank are enough heroes there. Or should there be Ursena anyway in this defence?

Both can be leveled up from 3.70 soon, but who? There are a lot of posts about both Heroes and I read a lot of them, but the Hero would fight in offense, in war and for Titans.

Hope its written clearly, english is not my native language.


I have Victor max. Dont have Ursena. I would go for Ursena eyes fold. She is a beast in def and offense. Victor imo is just meh.


+1 for Ursena

I think Victor is helpful on field aid war, and is a reasonable hero.

But Ursena is an absolute brute with ridiculous damage for average speed and the yellow reflect is great for suckering the likes of onatel, justice and yellow titans.


What is the order of your defense?

Either way, ursena is solid in offense btw

And better than kunch in defense

I would go ursena


Thanks a lot!

My Defense is Seshat, BK, Gunivere, Kadilen, Poseidon.

But I try to use also Ariel, Kunchen and Kingston (if full leveled in few days)

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A single missing letter can drastically change something.

Victor is good tier, Ursena is God tier.


Ursena is vastly better on defence.

But on offence… it’s close, and Victor is very good, and underrated, on offence. His ‘very fast’ speed means he can fire and recharge with just 3 ghosted tiles and ability to stack damage means he’s a fantastic late game hero; and his speed means when he fires early in a fight his 30% defence buff is very helpful.

Ursena is god tier on defence, it’s true. And she should likely be your choice. But Vic is way better than ‘meh’ as some have suggested


Thank you, it seems to be no question who would be the one… I didnt think it would be so clear, whennthe last tome of tactics arrives Ursena will rise.

Maybe I was hoping for more points that lead to Victor… Doesnt matter, so Ursena will meet my Defense and my war team also. :smiley:


They’ll both get maxed either way as both are good heroes with their own uses

I just see ursena being the more useful

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I find my Ursena is only okay on offense unless you’re facing multiple yellows. For a long time I didn’t even take her because my proteus+20 seemed to do more. Proteus dies too quickly sometimes so I’ve started taking her but like I said, she’s merely okay on offense. She’s insanely good on D.

I don’t have Victor, really wanted him. Imo he’s better on offense if you’ve got a lvl 11 purple mana troop.

I think there’s a bit of overrating of Ursena’s offense going on in this thread and underrating of Victor. Fast and very fast are significantly better on offense generally than avg speed. I’d drop Ursena from my purple 3 stack in a heartbeat for Victor or Sartana or Kage.


I find ursena more valuable in the off color in a 3/2 stack than the main color. If the defense has a yellow tank, they are usually dead before Ursena fires. Her value lies in beating yellow flanks.


Yep sounds reasonable. But I’d rather have Panther and Seshat as a fast 1-2 punch combo so I never take Ursena as the off color. But yes, she would be stronger there for some people.

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And with 13 level mana troops it’s really fun

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I have lvl 13 mana troops… well, it seems the question Ursena or Victor isnt that easy to answer. Victor would cast with 3 or 6 tiles, Ursena needs 5 or 10… A defense upgrade with her would be great,but at the moment there is no space for all my heroes.

Maybe Seshat, BK, Gunivere, Ursena, Drake would be amazing.

But in offense? Victor doesnt hit hard, but he is very fast. I would like to hear more from someone who has both.

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If you have lvl 13 mana troops the story is different. Victor becomes a much better heroe. In that case I dont really know what to say, I guess as you said, the best answer is going to come from ppl that have both.


Ursena is ok on offense generally and beast on defense.

But… she becomes beast on offense with some combinations - if you have Rigard with costume - Ursena is making on heavily emblemed 5* defenses to all over 400+ damage after Rigard. If you have also defense down in your set up becomes ridiculous damage.

So also depends how you use Ursena on offense to maximize her effectiveness.


Think is about also troops and combo :slight_smile: .

When you get your first mana to 23lvl is like a different game - speaking from own experience - did my purple 23lvl only couple of weeks ago. Panter + Ursena with 23lvl mana … don’t think you will change Urs for any of the Victori, Kage, Sartana.

In the above set-up if you add costumed Rigard instead of Seshat - any board that you match 9 purple tiles means anihiliation - Costumed Rigard, Panter, Ursena - maybe a hero or two will be alive max.

P.S Sharing only as I changed drastically my view on Urs on offense after I got my mana troop to 23lvl.


That’s a very, very good point. Thanks for bringing it up. For me personally I have a Crit troop at 15 and my mana at 13. Because I use Boss Wolf at tank, I’m working more on the Crit troop. I may not have a lvl 23 mana troop for another year or even longer. But for people who do, Ursena is considerably better than she is for me.

Also costumed Tiburtus combos extremely well with Ursena as well, lets not forget that. I can see the potential of Panther, Ursena, Duke of Rock and Dapper Rigard.


Actually I’ll probably get Ursena to +20 before I get the lvl 23 mana troop. I have enough to get her to +16 right now. Then she’ll only need a lvl 11? Hmmm, you’ve got me thinking…

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If I were you - would go for the mana troop than losing 250 emblems for that node. At the end i think the value of 23lvl mana vs going to 23 crit tropp ( more or less similar cost from your current situation ) will be much bigger - anyway your BW most probably already can’t die to 3 tiles of yellow mono if is heavily emblemed and with crit troop 15, so you are not going to get a significant advantage. And the 23lvl mana troop can be used eventually on multiple war teams for average purple that can be game changer. My 2 cents.


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