Ursena or Bera for defence team?

Hi there,

I have only 6 tabbards and a lot of doubts… who would fit best in my defence team…?!?

-it will be my first maxed purple 5*
-I am planning to put kadilen c instead of Heimdall and gravemaker instead of Gefjon as soon as I reach the materials I miss from the path of valor.

  • I have mana and ninja purple troops , level 11

Thanks in advance !

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Bera for the new meta

I would say Bera. I hate hate HATE Bera so much, her stupid month minions are way too powerful and have much HP, if you only get an average board with this lady, you will probably die.

Thanks a lot @notyou87 and @AirHawk … actually I’m more oriented on Bera too… even if Ursena is probably better as all around hero… do you think she would work better as tank or flank, considering Heimdall now and kadilen C soon…?

Thanks again!

Ursena is good but probably you need to build around her. She would not be my first hero for utility.

Bera gives more utility and survivability.

What I love Bera tanking is that, in not so good boards, my monoyellow team can recover and win the match even if the tank was able to cast her skills. Against Ursena tanking and in not so good boards, I often times cannot recover whatever I do with my mono yellow that I end up fleeing.

But yeah, keep those Beras up and in defense.

For defence, I guess Bera. No surprise many top players have her tanking.

But I leveled Ursena couple of weeks ago. She’s awesome in offence! I watched Odin, Joon and others kill themselves on her reflect too many times. So it’s up to you weather it’s mostly about defence, or versatility also matters. For me, having a perfect defence team is not at the top of priorities. :slight_smile:


Just to embrace the devils advocate…

Bera functions as tank because of her minions. At flank…less so!
But Ursena at flank for your lineup is interesting because:

  1. Unique
  2. Odin…

With Odin in play, I find it encouraging to bring yellow so that clearing yellow tiles isn’t an empty effort. Same principle for having a red tank with Frigg, except in this case…without the damaging anti-blue as consequence of your green tank.

Another thing… defense aside. I enjoy Ursena for offense more than Bera.
They are both good in this role. But Ursena is more aggressive which is useful for cutting the time it takes to win a match down. As long as you can work the board and time when you charge Odin or any other hard hitting yellow in these top tier defenses. Ursena all but guarantees their death. And does nice damage to the others as well.

I don’t think you would regret either ascension.

  1. If you’re chasing the meta. It’s about to change…

Thank you @Ultra … that’s interesting . I haven’t had many occasions to face them as tank , especially bera , as I am around 2400/2500 cups and there aren’t so many Bera tank in this level teams … good to know , thank you

Thanks a lot @Pompitous … point 1&2 are exactly the reasons of my doubt :slight_smile: … I’m sure ursena would pair perfectly with Odin :wink: … and I simply love her on offense… she rocks at 3.70 too :slight_smile: … can’t imagine how powerful she could be maxed :slight_smile: … but I like the idea to build up an “all fast” defence without healers and I think Bera with her added life could be perfect for that …

I needed months to collect these 6 tabbards and it’s not easy to decide ;)… they are both great in different ways…

Yes, agree :slight_smile: … I use her at 3.70 and she’s already game changer in my mono , can’t imagine fully maxed … you already gave her emblems? I have only 700 sorcerer ones unfortunately :frowning:

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This is she, I think I’ll slowly go all the way, or at least to +18 for the start. Whenever I see a yellow hitter in defence I take her and c.Rigard. most of the time, they kill themselves. :see_no_evil: One thing less to be worried about.

:heart_eyes: why I can’t have already 12 tabbards …!!! Mean game :wink:

Bera only, cuz thats your team healer in this setup…

Othwerwise Bera is on her downfall days I think, since Uraeus came who is straight killer for her… There werent any yellow minion killers before.

C.Kadilen, Odin and Usena have great synergy in that, they all 3 middle heroes hit all targets, Grave then just finish the job

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