Ursena vs Kunchen!

Okay guys and gals I finally pulled my 6th tabbard out of an elemental cheat today. So my question is who would you ascend first Kunchen or Ursena? This will be my first maxed 5* hero and my 2nd maxed dark hero, the other being Rigard+7. Also have Sabina and Tiburtus at 3-60 and they are still usable for wars.

You can’t go wrong either way. With a max +7 on Rigard, I’d personally go Ursena but Kunchen is one of the top 2 healers.

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Wow, wish I had either one. I have very little luck pulling solid 5* purples. I assume this is for defense team? I would personally choose Kunchen, as when his special goes off, things can get ugly really quickly. I usually seem to have better luck killing Ursena than Kunchen. He also is a pretty solid tank.

If you have a solid tank and are planning on continuing with Rigard as healer go Ursena. But I would personally choose Kunchen…he has f-ed me over many times…

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I have both maxed + 7. Ursena is good but not as all purpose as Kunchen. In fact without defense down applied I think she hits very weak. You’ll take Kunchen everywhere and he can be trusted to guard your trophies.

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Rigard is almost as good as Kunchen, but faster. I run him over Kunchen for that reason on offence. On defence, Kunchen would be the easy choice.

But because you have Rigard, and because SheSquid can run on both offence and defence and is devastating when she fires, I’d go with her. The overall gain for your team will be much greater going a full new hero with a super special, than a modest upgrade from the top 4star healer in the game to a 5star healer.


Probably Ursena. Kunchen has competition for the Cleric emblems, in that you’re already feeding Rigard. It is unlikely Ursean has competition for the Sorcerer emblems (your unmaxed Sabina would be one possibility).

Plus, I can tell you from having Mitusko that the reflect ability is really really fun to use.

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