Quint, Vic, O-bek, or Ursena

I am getting the materials to work on another dark 5. I already have Seshat and Mok-Arr maxed +4. I am thinking Ursena is the way to go, but I do like the health steal of Vic.

Ursena is a monster. Victor is very useful but can’t compare to Ursena’s monstrosity.


Ursena by a long shot.


In my honest opinion, it would have to be Ursena.
Whichever hero you choose, good luck

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Yeah I’d like a Victor a cool hero to have, but ursena is mental soo I’d def max one

Ursena is one many of us drool over…
It’s easy to jump at the first opportunity to max her, but is she actually what you need?

In an attacking sense there’s a bit of give/take between Mok and Ursena.
On defence she’s miles ahead, and all else equal that versatility makes her a pick over Mok in a head to head over tabards…
But with Mok already maxed and my general rule being not to ascend for defence primarily, I’d consider looking at something else - you’ve got a good attacking AoE hero.

Same goes for Quintus - you don’t need another AoE… And if you decided you wanted one, Ursena is a better hero.

Victor - very fast and effective. A contender.
Obakan - high tile damage, squishy, not great…

How much do you like using Mok (and other AoE hero’s generally)?
Would you enjoy having more of that? If so, go with Ursena… If you want something different, Victor.


Thank you for the good detail. I am a bit new. AoE?

I am just starting to use Mok and learning how to use better and like what he does. How would Vic work on attack in a field aid war? Would he steal field aid? Also I am intrigued with a Boril in the middle with Obek and Sumitomo on the wings. I am basically down to Vic or Ursena.

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