Advice on leveling needed- Toth-Amon or Ursena?

Hello! I need advice please, I can only level up the last time one of these Toth-Amon or Ursena… Can’t decide … what do you think which one is better choice?!
Thank you for your time!

I expect a lot of people will almost read this thread title and think you’re joking!

Ursena is miiiiilllllleeeessss ahead of Thoth

Like, a million miles.

Ursena can tank and flank, attack, hit titans etc etc.

Thoth is, well… he’s there


IMO easy to decide, no need to know what the rest of rosters,… Ursena.
Defense Tank/Flank = Ursena
Titan = Ursena
Raid/Event/Map/Quest = Ursena
Auto Farming team = Ursena


My answer to questions like this is almost always, “it depends”… depends on the rest of the roster, what you need/want most, play style, preference, what you intend to do with the hero. Almost always.

In this case, I need to know nothing else. Ursena is the right answer. URSENA. She is a beast. :muscle:


Lol thank you on your advice ! I was not aware it’s sounds like a joke. I have very bad luck with board and prefer fast mana heroes but I see now that Ursena is way better choice :+1:


Today I used Ursena the first time against a yellow titan (she’s on 2nd tier and to be maxed soon) - and it was the first time the mana bar of the titan couldn’t fill fast enough, it’s such a pleasure to see the titan blind himself :smiley:

I think you’ll have a lot of fun with her.


Oh, I do hope so :star_struck: thank you for sharing your experience!


Just needed some mana sometimes to have her reflect up when titan was up to fire his special :smiley:


I’m glad I have her than ! Thank you for your advice! :ok_hand:

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Oh this sound so great I hope she’ll bring the victory to me :sparkles: thank you for your time!

Yess. I most definitely thought “whaaat?”

Ursena. Thoth who?


You forgot one thing:

Minion summoner = no you don’t need one. Level Ursena instead.



Ursena is a top hero, Thoth one of the worst HOTM IMO. So easy choise, Ursena as everybody suggested :slight_smile:

Lol At least amused everyone with my question . But seriously thank you so much everyone for taking time to explain to me why Ursena is only choice here. It is much appreciated! :ok_hand::blush:

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Look at the top 100 players and see for yourself. Ursena of course.

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Her reflect is 1000x more useful than Mitsuko’s blue reflect. You will actually take Ursena against yellow and reflect them…you wouldn’t really want to take Mits against blue. Ursena gets the benefits on both offense and defense with the reflect.


In my honest opinion, I would max Ursena 100%.
Good luck.
However, if you max Toth-Amon as your priority can you send me Ursena, PLEASE

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I wonder if someone in this topic votes for Thoth.

The Dev that “accidently” repeatedly brought the beta team into real world would…They were rocking a max Thoth with max Puss

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Ursena is one of the best tanks in the game. Hands down better than Thoth. Thoth has some value but I agree with others that he is one of the least desirable HotMs to come out. Don’t think, Ursena all the way.


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