Reset emblems of Melendor and Gadeirus for Alberich?

Hi everyone,

I’m at 5/6 mysterious tonics for my 3-70 Alberich now. Since I can powerlevel him to 4-80 instantly after I get the 6th one, the time has finally come to make the decision: Should I strip Melendor (+20) and/or Gadeirus (+16) of their emblems to give them to Alberich?

Melendor is one of my most used heroes. He is part of my standard green attack team, he is my healer in my anti red Titan team and I use him in every war. I wonder if Alberich should replace him as my standard green healer.
Alberich gets a lot of praise here in the forum, but I’m not really sure about him. He is slow, so when he finally fires I often already need healing asap for my heavily injured heroes (as I see when using Vivica in my yellow teams). And then he only applies a heal over time, instead of healing right away. The reviving only has a 33% chance and might not happen at all. And he is missing the dispel that Melendor has. The mana boost thing is cool, though.

Gadeirus I don’t use that much. He is part of my green Titan team, since he is the only one with an attack boost. But outside of Titan battles I don’t use him often. Since he only heals 3 heroes, I have to decide between leaving 2 heroes without healing or bring a second healer, and I don’t like either option. But again: He is my only green hero that can buff attack against red Titans, so he has his use. Should I still give his emblems to Alberich?

How many emblems you got without stripping?

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I don’t like to reset those high emblem guys, but I will likely do the same with my Gadeirus. Great hero early on, not so much now. Also with Costume option for Melendor I would not reset him.

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I would say just do Gaderius for starters. If you find that Alby gives you heaps more use than Melendor, you can always reset him later :slight_smile:


Basically zero. All emblems went into Melendor first, then Gadeirus.

Can you win the quests in the Druid when they come about?
I wouldn’t strip anyone of them even once his complete.
5* not fun to emblem but keeping on 4* can be worth it in the long run to complete the quests to get them emblems


Yes. Alby should be a mainstay on your raid defense and war defense. I’d dump them all into him and then put 30 back into Gad and Mel as you get them to unlock the talent.

If you’d rather start with just Gad, go for it. I’d take Gad’s too but I use him for war defense with the Atlantis family. Lower team power displayed but I sneak up on people with that 15% defense bonus. Last war was against a much stronger alliance and they used 14 flags on me.


I would love Alberich to have the Druid emblems, mainly to increase his survivability even more by increasing his defense and health, as well as putting some meat shields due to the Thorn minions he can summon due to his skills. Ensuring him to last longer during raids and in wars means that he will have a likelihood to cast his skill more than once, resurrecting fallen allies, healing maimed heroes and getting additional mana. IN SHORT: you have a better chances of winning the battle. Got him not when he was first released as a HOTM but as one of the featured hero during Atlantis summoning. First 5 star green hero to max ahead of Lianna and Gregorion. Never regretted it, especially now he is highly emblemed. You need all the health and defense you can get when embleming him. Not really a fan of embleming 4 star heroes as emblemed 5 star heroes are way more powerful than them.

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I’d say it depends on the level opponents your alliance is facing in war. If you’re fighting heavy teams you’re gonna need him as strong as possible. If enemies are medium or lower you’ll be good nabbing Gads emblems for starters.

I have Alby+11 and face a mix of medium to strong teams right now in war. If opponents were all heavy, I’d strip my very much used and loved Caed - my blankie, like Mel appears to be yours :wink: - but right now I’m settling.

It’s a fine balance, having your war D as strong as possible whilst not robbing your offensive lineup too much. Alby is pure gold for offense too; but as long as you have other vital heroes same class, a compromise might be best for now?


Winning the trials is not an issue. I don’t have many non-standard 5* heroes (Alberich, Miki, Morgan LeFay - that’s it), but enough TC20 5* heroes and every relevant 4* heroes of the game. With those finishing the trials is super easy.

Well, thanks everyone for your opinions. Maybe the time has come to enter the post-Melendor era :slight_smile:

I will test Alby for a while in various contents first, then probably transfer the emblems to him.

I guess for war defense Alby is really helpful. For my raid defense team I don’t care. My current def team already keeps me at the lowest end of Diamond, which is exactly where I want to be.

By the way: I also got Alby when he reappeared during Atlantis. Did a single pull with 100 Atlantis coins and got him :slight_smile:

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I think as others have said, stripping Gad emblems seems like an easy choice, you don’t need 3 green healers with emblems.

Keep this in mind:

For a 5 star, it takes 395 emblems to get to 7 talents. With Gad’s emblems, you’ll probably get there very quickly.

Adding Mel’s emblems will only get you to like 12 talents maybe. That’s a relatively modest boost to Alby’s stats, but crippling for Mel.

Personally I’d leave Mel alone unless raiding with maxed Alby has you feeling that you just don’t really need him anymore.


I would probably start by stripping Gad and using those emblems on Alby. And keep Mel as is for now.

My favourite hero is probably Alberich, but he does not even make my defence team. Kingston has to take the nature role on my defence, and Alby doesn’t even currently have any Druid emblems because Zim at +7 holds most of those on my defence team. The rest are with a Melendor +12.

I have considered stripping Mel to give to Alby, but as @solipsism says that would cripple Mel. Mel does not get too many outings these days, but if I am fighting a team with riposte then Mel often still gets the nod over Alby.

Decisions, decisions!


I just noticed that my Gad is at +17 already. So yes, I could start with only his emblems then and leave Mel at +20. That is how I have done it with most classes: Have one 4* hero maxed, then started with a 5* hero (Proteus->Isarnia, Boldtusk->Magni, Wilbur->Joon …).

Which hero do you use as attack buffer against blue Titans? There is no green standard hero that buffs attack, right? Do you use items for that or just use a non-emblem Gad?

I would strip Gad and NOT Melonpuke. Run Alby on left flank always

@holmanski Who was the full lineup for that particular war?


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@holmanski Yeah that extra defense can sneak up on opponents if they aren’t paying attention.

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Yeah. That team is “3967”. Ariel isn’t an ideal tank, but 1099 defense out of the gate doesn’t hurt. The rest are 800s or 900s on defense, and Triton and Proteus have great attack for 4*. Gad is the weak link…until he fires. Marj is kind of the perfect 5* to round it out since she’s a defensive hitter.

My love for this lineup is a little irrational but it works. I wish I knew what the real team power was if you count the bonus. It has to be in the realm of 4100 since we are talking about adding over 100 points of defense for each hero.

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