Vela or Alby

Vela is the closest thing to GM especially with emblems that I’ve faced lately. Even more so flanking Tell.

So as painful as it is, do I strip Alby to give to her?

I don’t really use as much as before. Kingston has replaced Alby on defense, and I have Finley so Vela isn’t a must have to add to my defense.


My suggestion with emblems & emblem priority is always:
{War Defence} > {Versatility} > {everything else}

So first priority is (IMO) your war defence team.

Next after that are the heroes who you use the most in the most places (Normal Defence, Raid Teams, Tournaments, Titans etc…)


I’m thinking of taking the emblems off of Alberich and giving them to vela as soon as I have the tonics to ascend Mother North. I prefer Alberich to Mother North, but I prefer the combination of Mother North and Vela together.

I think you’re better off keeping Finley and Kingston on your defense. Ive run into more trouble facing Finley than I have Vela. So as far as emblems go I’d pick whichever helps you more on offense.

If you have Telluria, Vela is an absolute menace! She’s worse than Gravemaker next to Telluria. You almost can’t bring reds.

I contend North is significantly better than Alby on offence because a reviver has one job and two tasks - the job is to save matches that would otherwise be lost and the tasks needed to do that are a)be alive when needed and b) revive heroes.

North is both MUCH more survivable and has a MUCH better chance to revive.

I run both on mono teams and my win rate with North is about 6-8 percent higher.

North pulls out more “totally lost” matches than Alby. Mostly because at +19 she can take back to back hits from Seshat and Lianna and still be alive. Who else can do that?

Don’t get me wrong - Alby IS better on a decent board. But you could drop a Kingston or even an Elkanen in his place on a decent board and probably still win - but on the worst boards - the ones you’d almost always lose - North makes it possible to win at any time.


Alby can help you win once in a while, Vela can do it all the time. Slow v fast. Sometimes revive v always hits.

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