Druid class dilemma


I have a big dilemma: should I take the emblems from Melendor and split them between Albi and Vela ?

I like Melendor very much but it is so hard to get emblems.

How can I make more druid emblems ? :((

Hello… it depend on what you use mostly.
If Alby is in your defense, I think he should get emblemed.
Also split with Vela if she is also in defense. Otherwise just +1 for Vela, so that she have chance to summon the thorn minnions.
But IMO, I would keep Melendor+20, and the costume make much better. Without emblem Melendor is too squishy.


I have close to the same dilemma. I’ve been contemplating stripping Melendor and giving them all to Vela. I don’t have Alby. The main reason I haven’t is I feel like if I ever get Melendor’s costume that I may use him more and it is really resource intensive to emblem heroes.

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GAZZELE is making everything much harder. She is so good in offence but at least I am not using her in defence

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gazelle is my favorite hero. once she fires, it’s usually lights out for the other team.
I use her exclusively in offense.

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Imho 100% emblems on vela to maximize (war)defence performance.

Replace alby in defense with a green hitter. Alby is beefy enough to go without on offense. On defense he’s increasingly less valuable with all those fast hitters.

Custumed melandor alrdy get stats booster, but you’ll use him less and less once your roster gains more depth.


I think it also depends on how much importance you place on war performance. With so many blue tanks to deal with, a strong green bench is essential.

But, as has been said, if you are using Alberich, then get him pumped and then you don’t have to worry so much about Mel.

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My defence: albi kage mitsuko vela seshat

I have Joon max also but my feeling is that my actual def works better then a rainbow

So is Mel relegated to occasional use? If so, then get them off him! It’s always a tough decision though.

I’m guilty of being very sentimental with the first characters I’ve levelled up - I still haven’t faced stripping Kellie of her emblems despite the fact that the only time I’ve used her in the last three months was during a challenge event!

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I am using Melendor in 3 2 system . When I am attacking blues I am using mel, hansel and tarlak .

Albi is my second max green . Now I am working on Lianna.

I see you have a second maxed Melendor. Could you see yourself only using him (plus the stat boost from costume bonus)? If he’s too squishy in that form you likely won’t get much use out of your other one once he’s sans emblems.

In terms of the “how do I get more emblems” question, the Trials of Nature and Trials of Fortitude yield Druid emblems. They occur on 4/5 and 4/19 this month (thank you, @Novo). Apologies if you already knew that.


And presumably eventually Path of Valor will give out Druid emblems.


I bet ur Mel had attack of close to 800. That is hard to beat anywhere. He Kingstone+3 and every +4 are my green attack team for this blue guys. So remember what you are giving up. Healers that debut are rare

The simple rule is you emblem the heroes you use most. Vela, costume Mel, alby, and gazelle are all excellent choices, but only you know what you use most.

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Bud, decide what your focus is 3,4 or 5* tunes. You have emblems on all three but aren’t powerfull in any ( from the looks of what you’ve shown). If you don’t have a rainbow of 5* heroes or the mats you might want to do 4*… but 3*… don’t bother. A lot of long term players don’t emblem any 3* and do just fine in tourneys. Just my opinion on emblems. Looks like you do pulls and looks like - I’m guessing about level 33-36. So, just play lots and level up hard the next few months completing POV quests etc. And focus on making your teams more rounded

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