Adv-Ice - Vela or Fenrir

My problem is that Scopes are the mat that avoids me the most. I’ve had Isarnia at 3/70 forever so lacking a good Ice AoE. L20 Grimm solved the normal def down part for Titans & is sturdy enough now, but is still not what is needed as an AoE.

Wasn’t a fan of Vela, but on defence she deals way more damage than expected, so much so that I couldn’t believe my eyes. This is mainly because of the +20% buff defending teams get. Have her at 3/70 but I suspect she isn’t as good on attack, but if she could be, it would be the choice for me.

Fenrir looks very good and becomes very fast mana once he starts going and could charge quite quickly when shared damage is applied to the enemy. I love any hero that have mana abilities and his realm bonus blinds all.

My whole roster lacks punch or death blow heroes. I have too many tank & support heroes for all the other colours except Ice. Alice, Misandra, Frida, Magni maxed which makes this so difficult.
A prefer a dead hero over a weakened one, but is that what I need?

I’m not interested in defence, my main priority is events & RT. 7 Scopes. Vela, 2x Fenrir, Isarnia, 2nd Frida or Magni are my choices. I see a lot of JF Vela combo’s, I have him at 1/1. Don’t rate him but maybe I’m missing something.

Also *

Will someone with a maxed Vela please confirm the difference

  • in performance for attack and defence (much better than her card) Apart from the 20% do emblems & troops make her much better and what damage does yours deal in reality on attack with no other buffs.

(L70 account - high diamond - RT mostly 4650+ opposition)

When it comes to events you could want Vela’s crit chance to improve your tile damage.

They are both very good but Vela helps way more with titans than Fenrir and can help filling the role of “peeler” for snipers, lowering the enemies’ overall health.
But if you already have one or more heroes that can already do what Vela does and you need another sniper then Fenrir could be your best choice.


I didn’t think I would like Vella, but she has turned out to be solid. A great general hero and the crit bonus for blue heroes is very nice for raising titan scores.

I like Fenrir, but he is a lot harder to setup. If your group attacks leaves heroes under 50% life a lot, Id take Fenrir so you could get a quick kill.


Personnally I’d do Vela first. I have her and use her all the time : raids, titans, farming…She’s very good.


I’d say Vela. Have her and love her. Great all around hero. Put her next to a green tank and she really shines in defence.

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OP said he didn’t care about defense performance

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