Grazul and Queen of Hearts: Good idea or bad?

I can’t figure out if Grazul and Queen of Hearts is a good mix.
I realized QoH and Wilbur is a good mix, though…
Any help?

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A good mix in reference to what, exactly?

A good mix to prevent harm from the other team’s specials?
Of course they are… until Queen of Hearts have minions, that’s is.


In terms of “good synergy”, I think. Haven’t tested it myself, but I have both, sry…

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Well I say together, they have great synergy because, with all of their individual skills, none is identical and won’t overlap.

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I just don’t really get it.
If the enemy hits my heroes and QoH is active, only QoH takes the hit. Let’s say the enemy is Gravemaker, only QoH (and her minion/minions) takes damage and she get that burn GM likes to leave on his enemies.

But if Grazul had been active too, no burn to QoH? But she (and the minions) would still take damage, right?

Only the direct damage tough. The Queen can also increase her defense against specials and his minion would even absorb dispels.

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i got the Queen and red Hood maxed, a great Combo. When looking at Grazul Card i dont see much synergy between these 2, grazul skill is great, but does nothing for the Queen imo, Wilbur and minion heroes are best to be paired with queen. :thinking:

Yes that is correct. Grazul does not guard against direct damage or special skill damage, she only stops ailments (in your scenario, that would be Gravemaker’s burn effect).


Sure, they dont overlap, but the queen doesnt overlap with any other hero, so greymane and Queen have same synergy :rofl:

The QoH and Black Knight both have the taunt ability, so both will get hit if the conditions are correct. And i understand your urge to be a smarta$$, but I’m sure everyone else reading this understood what I meant without me having to further explain myself.


All right, thanks. I get it now.

Grazul does not do that much for the team if QoH is active. So I’ll look for another red in my rooster, before hitting our 12* rare green titan :slight_smile:

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Oh, against titans grazul is a good choice imo, but i am just a low level smarta$$ :wink:

I absolutely love this combo
My favorite team is Ariel, Alice, Frida, QoH and Grazul.
QoH takes the heat, grazul protects them while Blue charges for the Kill

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QoH and Alice should get Family Bonus soon too!? :thinking:

Next week :smile:
Mana generation and critical


Got cat, captain and queen, can’t wait for wonderland and hope to get me a rabbit, that family bonus is great … mana mana mana :smile:

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