Taunt heroes everything about them. Topic dedicated to red tank abilities

Hello everybody,

I wanted to open topic about taunt abilities off Black Knight and QoH in combination with different variations off heroes in teams.

Share teams with taunters in different situations that you use?

This is mine defense with BK in raids. Also have QoH on emblem node 13.

I love taunters and will have bigger family of them soon. :slight_smile:


Do not use them together.

Taunt is very cool. I managed to beat the last stage of epic Avalon with Shrubby and 4 other rares.

Red tanks became seldom in diamond. Too much blue damage out there. Maybe Blacky will change that again, but I doubt it.

Dispel and snipe is my strategy against QoH and Blacky.

Maybe Gazelle should be mentioned here, since she does sth similar.

Who do you like more, BK or QoH?

Do you know, if Queens taunt will become active, if her minion was spawned by Puss?


No, will not use them together it was just bit of displaying.

Actually BK in central is holding really good in raid defense and war specially. Frida, plus blue sniper is deadly for him.

I had a fight against AngeloPain that had Gazzel on 18 node recorded, second video.

Been using this combo for attack raids against any purple tank or more heroes with a lot success.

I use far more BK then QoH. Looking we’re she is the best, probably war and titan. Use a lot team QoH-BK-Mitsuko in combo with some color mostly blue in war.

Not sure for Puss affecting QoH minions question. If she becomes dispelled by Puss or ?

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No, Puss spawns a minion for every hero, that can spawn them.

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You mean this: * All Summoner allies summon a Minion for themselves from Puss abilities, oh yes it will activate QoH minion. And every turn after new minion will appear if Puss fires. :smile:

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I will test this again but I’m pretty sure as long as she has a card out her taunt is active

Yes, great synergy there, since every hero summons the minion by themself just triggered by Puss.

Puss Delia QoH cry 4 Goatie :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Taunt heroes are really good in the bloody battle and very fast tournies… like… really really good.


All hail the bear!!:tada:

And bear has responded… :smile::1st_place_medal:

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