Vanda vs black knight

Who do you think is a better tank? I have Knight at 20 as my tank, but I was watching a few youtube videos and I saw multiple comments with good amounts of upvotes that vanda would make a good tank. In your guys opinion, is vanda a good tank? Who is a better hero in your opinion?

Black knight is arguably one of the best tanks in the game. Vanda is a hybrid of GM and grazul; likely comparable to those two, but I’d prefer BK.


Black Knight also gets my vote, AAAANNNDDD rings if I ever get him. His ONLY A FLESH WOUND skill is sooooooo good that even without emblems, he is tanky enough to withstand most attacks, specials included (unless it’s from Kageburado), even laugh at the hits. While Taunt is not unique to him, no other hero does what he does in only getting a 50% chance of only 1 damage from skills or regular attacks dealing nuclear bomb damage.


Thanks for both your guys input

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