To emblem or not to emblem

Good day all. I’ve finally maxed my BK, however, I’m wondering if I should have him emblemed since I want to try for GM in May. I kind of know the answer , I think , since I only have 1 set of Mystic Rings in hand right now but I’m interested to see if people think he’s more than worthy of emblems. Thanks and sorry if this seems like a self answering question.

Yes, I think he is worth it

Black knight is one of the better heroes in the game now especially in tank or flank position.


Do you plan to use him on your defense team? If so, emblem him


Thanks , appreciate it

Oh he’s my Tank on defence for sure. Thanks for the input.

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In my honest opinion, if you are going to use him in the Tank position, then 100% go with emblems on BK
Good luck


Thanks, it’s either BK or Tell as my Tank. And flanks would depend.

Ugh but then there’s Clarissa coming up too. The world is ending and I’m ■■■■■■■■ about stupid stuff, fml lol.

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