Using the garpun on the titan

  Can you, please, explain, why do players recieve parts of the titan, if they didn't use the garpun during the fight with the titan?

Hitting a titan with a certain amount of harpoons will make him drop titan’s parts regardless of who throwed them.

It’s a team’s effort by design and so everyone will gain their benefits.

Here is one thread with information on the harpoons


It is incorrect because there is no need to make harpoons. What I meen is that all players, who attacked the titan, will recieve the parts of It though some of these players did nothing for that. It is not fair. 1) Because of the players, who didn’t use harpoons the alliance didn’t make enough hits to recieve the most full reward. 2) As long as the part of alliance member didn’t waste resources on the harpoons, they can waste them on producing useful items from the titans’ parts, and so recieve them faster, than those, who produced harpoons.

“the most full reward” you are talking about isn’t needed and it isn’t even optimal to strive for.
The best reward/cost strategy would be to reach tier 1 by rotating the harpoon users across the alliance unless your allaince doesn’t have the need of iron/meat.

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