Harpoon use on fleeing titans

I gather information here, but have never posted a question: Being that they are fairly new items, does anyone have statistics on harpoon basics? We are a middle-ish but growing alliance who are just starting to use harpoons . We defeat most 7*, but usually have to let the 8* flee for now… My question: Is it better to throw 10 harpoons at each, getting one defeat and one flee, or would we be better off using 0 on the 8* and going to 26 on the 7*… which scenario will give us the better overall drop on titan parts?

You need to hit the threshold for Titan Parts to drop at all, and more will drop on a defeated Titan than one that escapes.

So if you’re consistently letting 8* go, I’d suggest not using Harpoons on them.

There are details on drop rates for each Titan Loot Tier and Harpoon Tier here: Titan Parts Loot Tier Drop Tracking – show me your drops

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Hello Kick My alliance fights the 7s and some 8s like you I am leader therefore ration out the harpoons between the throwers. I let the ones we can not beat escape with NO harpoons. If you throw at 1 that escapes most everyone gets only 1 titans part. I will say do NOT waste them on escapees.

Since you’ll also get tiles from an escaped and you’ll never know, if he will, I’d recommend to throw harps on every titan.

This is outstanding info and just what I was looking for! Thank you zephyr1!

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You’re welcome, glad that helped! :slight_smile:

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