Titan harpoon gauge?

When does the Harpoon gauge come up on the Titan? So if somebody uses a harpoon right now is it tracked is there any loot given? Not sure if it’s a bug at the moment just wanted to reach out to other alliances to see if they’re having any issues?

Those who toss harpoons should get monster part loot. (It may have changed since Beta but that was the last reality i knew.) :slight_smile:


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U dont see the harpoon guage until someone in your alliance is able to use harpoons

The harpoon guage shows the tiers of how many harpoons needed to get x amount of titan parts

Changes on each strength of titan(1*, 2,,3 , etc)

To get a “chance” at parts you can use any amount of harpoons from 1 to the first tier break(17 on 12*)

To get guaranteed parts for whole alliance, you must use the minimum amount at the first tier(17 for 12*, so less than 17 gives you guys a chance at titan parts, more than 17 is guaranteed x amount of titan parts, keep in mind this number varies with each amount of titan stars)

No matter who uses what amount of harpoons, the whole alliance gets the same amount of titan parts as long as you guys reached the minimum “guaranteed drop” threshold


@Rigs that is what I assumed but wanted to see if somebody could verify and clarify it. Thanks again


Can provide screenshots if needed


Does anyone know how many harpoons for each titan?

5* 5
6* 6


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Last titan we had the gauge got to 17 the latest one we are letting go has no gauge. So the gauge only appears once somebody uses a harpoon.


Our titan had a harpoon gauge, but as far as I know, no one has harpoons and none were used.

It was a 9* (rare but not sure if that makes a difference)

The harpoon tiers were 13, 33, and 94.


Well that’s thrown my theory out the window, now im not sure how it appears!?!

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Hmmm… I didn’t think the harpoon gauge appeared unless someone unlocked the harpoon as @Purpeyes has said? Just one member did so we could all see the gauge - I’m thinking it must be the same in your alliance too?

We have some that have the lodge already, but no harpoons yet…….maybe that’s it

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I think this is what you’re looking for:


I just built the Hunter’s Lodge but haven’t researched harpoons yet. Also, I’m the only one in my alliance who can see this. So, I think the requirement for one person to see it is having just the lodge built… not sure what it takes for everyone to see it, maybe one thrown and people who don’t have the lodge can see?



@_John_Doe showed me earlier that he couldnt see harpoon guage unless a harpoon was thrown by me or another teammate


Stinks that I can’t start the research because of 5k food storage. Waiting for iron to recharge so that I can upgrade food storage. I’m the only one in my alliance who sped up construction, so I’m the only one who can see the gauge. Definitely worth speeding up stronghold 21 in my opinion. It removes the bottleneck and lets you quickly start other buildings. Make use of two builders.


Between Harpoons ( which I plan to use as weapons against rare 5* titans since not enough Stronghold 20 in my alliance to get titan parts ) and two builders, I worry iron will be short.

Using one builder on Advanced Mine lets me use food ( I hoard ) for 40 days, but once Level 10 Advanced mine, all builders need iron. There is no way to hoard iron. While upgrading the Advanced Mine, I will lose 25% of my mine production ( a disadvantage with only 4 mines versus 9 farms ).

83 harpoons for the full arsenal of titan parts? Throw all your resources into the titans. How bad is that?

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… even for a full alliance that’s a fair bit of harpooning, on an 8.
I’m guessing a lot of alliances won’t be aiming to max the bar.

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As i know things change outside of Beta sometimes, I intend to test my harpoons as soon as we have some; Why throw 83 harpoons if it only takes 17? :grin:


just hijacking the tread a moment to ask: what happens when harpoons are used on fleeing titan?

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