Are Titan Parts for only people with Hunter lodges?

I have a Question I will have the harpoons ready first in my alliance, and I know there will be at least 2 other players that will have the hunter lodge, when I use 10 harpoons will all of the alliance receive titan parts are just people with the hunter lodges?

Everyone gets parts.

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Even if I am the only one hitting the titan with harpoons???

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Yes, everyone is eligible. So you’ll have to shoulder the burden of producing them until people catch up.

With great power, comes great responsibility! :spider::spider::spider:



I don’t have hunter lodge and the last 2 titans got 4 and 5 parts each.

So, they will get the parts, but can not use them.

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Correct. They can’t use them yet, but the parts don’t disappear. The more titan parts they get now, the more they’ll have available once they are able to build their lodges.

It’s like 4* ascension materials. The first time I got one, I didn’t have any 5* heroes, and I asked “dafuq am I supposed to do with this?”

Now I wish I had many more!


Thanks TWG. I will probably be the first in my Alliance to build the Lodge.

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TGW, sorry about that.

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No worries.

Yeah, only a few of us in my alliance have the lodge, and actually my girlfriend is the only one who uses harpoons (I plan to make some harpoons myself eventually, but right now all of my iron is invested in upgrading buildings). Thanks to her, we’ve all gotten a bunch of gross titan organs and appendages and such that most of us have no use for yet, but we know we’ll probably end up using them eventually (several of our mid-levels are at or nearly at SH20, it’s only a matter of time before most of us have lodges).

It’s a slow game. As you get higher in level, it takes forever to upgrade buildings, research, train, etc., then you also have to deal with RNG… take free loot any time you can get it. Whether it’s mushrooms, backpacks, boots, titan intestines, whatever. Most items can be used for something useful, eventually. You might have 1000 of something now, then later on you realize it’s a necessary ingredient to craft a certain item, and you use them all up in 2 days. I remember wondering what was the purpose of all those orichalcum nuggets I kept getting. Now all of a sudden I have none left??? :astonished:

Take all the loot you can get while you can get it. And good luck with your alliance and lodge building :+1:


@TGW I am having that same problem with midnight roots and fine steel rn. Potent health potions/dragon banners and bomb attacks are so very useful. Bomb attacks are why I made such a headway in season 2 when AR was active. Now I am fresh out and gotta farm midnight roots now.

I am also approaching being able to build SH 21. I will be about the third or fourth person in my alliance to be able to build the harpoons. Right now I have to upgrade all 5 Iron Storages to 20 (they are all still at 18) before getting enough to upgrade the SH to 21.

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Ahh yes bombs are so very underrated. I crafted a hundred or so once I finished researching them, just because, I like crafting hundreds of things for no apparent reason.

Held onto them for months and never used them. Until I found out… holy crap! Use 5 bombs on the final boss level for a difficult event… suddenly it’s not so difficult anymore.

Now if only I could use bombs in raids and AWs… :grin:

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My Lodge is currently Level 1 because Harpoons are awesome by themselves ( Used on a stunned titan gives you SIX turns of Attack -25% and Defense-30% plus 750 damage).

With the current Merc rules, you can only get titan parts once per day. The sooner you start collecting them, the better.

But unlike Legendary training, there is no rush.

Once I upgrade my Lodge I will be stopping at Level 4 since Titanium shield and Panacea are awesome against triple bosses. I am always annoyed when I get a 4* part instead of the ones for Titanium shield and Panacea.

Hopefully in a few years I can trade all my 4* titan parts to other players. Hint Hint Devs.