I’m purely curious

Alliances stringing 14s keep usin harpoons cause they don’t want to be behind the curve if 15s/16s are released

Alliances on 12s/13s are usin harpoons cause they plan on getting to the point of stringing 14s and facing 15s/16s as well

Ok understandable

But for teams below that line, isn’t it a waste of resources that could be better spent elsewhere?(honestly at this point kinda feel they’re a waste even for teams above that line)

Just curious as to what the motivation is behind throwing harpoons every titan…
The speculation for the first 2 groups are just guesses but seem like logical ones, if not the case then feel free to correct

  1. Titan parts.
    Titan parts make titanium shields. Titanium shields turn Rares into goofballs, and the bigger hits make me more interesting at parties.

  2. Weakening the titan.
    A 13* Phil’s slash attack can wipe out an emblemed Athena with a single blow. A harpoon hit can make me last longer, even if it feels like wearing a rain coat in the shower.

I also understand that an axe can accomplish the same thing, but axes won’t give me titanium shields.


But doesn’t making titanium shields just slow down progress?

There are times when I’m raiding specifically for food and/iron. And there are times I have an abundance of food/iron and I need to craft something I may never use, or will use down the road.

I make them when I’m flush with resources, which allows me to bring in more resources.


All your emblems are used up, heroes maxed, and no troops to level? Or buildings?

Personally I see don’t see value in the Harpoons at all for titans…

The titan parts are a nice gimmick but realistically both the Harpoons themselves AND any items from the Hunters Lodge cost too much for the small benefit they return

Harpoons have found a niche use in some PvE scenarios when the player is going in with an under strength team (e.g. class trials or seasonal quests).

The only other use I’ve heard for the Harpoons is for the attack/ fefnece debuff… It’s the only item which does both in one so there is value in that as it allows the player to take additional attacking heroes or another item.

If we look at the hunters Lodge, the only items that are SOMEWHAT useful to me are:

  • Poons (see above) but they don’t need any titan parts so…
  • Caltrops -> nice for rare red titans to remove the counter… Don’t use any other time
  • Titan Shields -> has the nice gimmick for some titan hits BUT it’s unsustainable… You can only do it every now and then

And that’s about it lol… Rest of them may be fun to use but… Don’t add enough value to be worth crafting…

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Buildings pretty much maxed, but with the time it takes to build anything I’m restocked by end of business day.

I have no feeder troops.

Not enough emblems for next levels.

My last heroes I maxed were Gobbler, Boomer, Captain of Diamonds, and some 3*s, so I wasn’t in a rush.

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Note: I’m not pleading a case for why the game needs them. Just as to why I use them.

Agreed on this(and your other thoughts as well, i dont even use shields or caltrops though fwiw) and i see pretty much every alliance ever making a big fuss about them and requiring them to be thrown every titan

Maybe it depends on the ambition of the alliance as well though

If an alliance plans on sticking with where they are titan and war wise, ok no real loss in the resource expenses i guess

But if the goal is to progress up the titan & war ladder then if i was leading, i would probly set harpoons and parts aside out of sight out of mind and help everyone get by on titans with minimal item usage/resource cost, make big forge20 items when resource room needs to be made and stash those when they can change the tide of a borderline escapee and of course taking down rare titans as well

All i was asking for

I don’t think there is a right or wrong

Just difference in opinion and approaches

Purely just a discussion piece and one I’ve been meaning to start for awhile

Considering I’ve muted pretty much every thread anyone else is talking in; i had extra time for this one lol

Appreciate the input @Kayo @Guvnor

And the resource burning makes sense now


Agree,… and also maybe 5* battle items can be used for Tavern Legend?


They can :slight_smile:


For me there is only one reason. Titan Skulls. Titan Skulls make Scrolls. Scroll give me huge hits, and right now, since raiding is boring and i basically stopped…Titan hits and events are how the game stays fun for me. I’ve geared an entire team around Miki and Red Titans and the scrolls are just plain FUN. plus, as far as resources…I cant tell you how many times I am burning 1* feeders on my troops just to bring down my food levels since they are max.


the idea of bringing up the smaller member is a great idea but how do you do it practice?

We are fighting 9 / 10s, I am leveling rainbow 5* and feeding troops like mad, increasing emblems, and storage buildings still. I havent used harpoons in months… i had forgotten about them, and I’m the leader.

Point is, yes, for me they take up too many resources, I agree with you 100%

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It depends on where you are in the game, and what ambitions you have or can realistically have. I would expect that for most people who aren’t regular spenders or those who don’t have VIP, they take no scarce resources. They may take resources you want to use elsewhere, but they aren’t truly scarce.

I’m not spending at this moment, have had VIP twice in the past.

Crafting Items are all 1*:
Common herbs - Literally not scarce, it’s right there in the name. :slight_smile: I currently have 18,000+
Clean Cloth - Currently have 2,000+
Large Bone - Currently have 1,800+

These are clearly not the scarce resources.

So it’s down to the 63,000 Food and 94,600 Iron being the scarce resources. For those like me, who aren’t VIP, we have one builder, and it’s really, really easy to get tot he point where you need to craft something to use up the Iron that you would otherwise not collect. For those with 2 builders, it’s still quite possible to get to max Iron with need to spend if you’re not careful, but PoV’s required crafting makes it a bit less likely.

So it’s really down to Food. We can freely spend food on leveling heroes, costumes, and troops. Having costumes to level is purely about luck, and it’s more limited than heroes or troops. Troops are easy to get and easy to work on, and require no materials except food. So they are easy to level, and I am always working on them to some extent. Leveling Heroes is also about luck, but is helped by spending. Once you max them out, you can increase them more via emblems, but you need to get the emblems reliably, and have a clear idea who you want to emblem. If like, me you are at a hero bottleneck - my priority ascension team has the last 5 heroes I can ascend/level right now in it, you have to stock something else up.

For me, it comes down to what I want to spend food on, and if I also need to spend iron as well. I will stockpile a bunch when I can, and then spend them down. I’m one of the bigger titan hitters in my alliance (comfortable at killing 7*, 8* are a slight reach right now), but less effective elsewhere. I am doing my part helping other people get titan parts drops, because I use the harpoons to get better titan scores, improving my loot.

I think I’m in a similar situation as Kayo above.

Are you sayin throwin harpoons takes practice?

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