Using my 5*s (Aegir, Aeron, M. Lepus, Inari, Margaret)


I just got a bunch of new heroes from Atlantis, so I’m reviewing my team lineup. I keep pinching myself; with 4 pulls I got Margaret, Inari, Gobbler AND Gadeirus! Last month I pulled Triton and Agwe. 4* and 5* are rare for me, so allow me a moment to freak out :slight_smile:

I’m F2P (have only spent 2 EUR ever in a moment of weakness, which got me Lancelot so I’m happy).

I’m mostly interested in improving my Raid and Alliance War defenses; in completing the Atlantis Hard stages; and in improving offenses in Titans, War and Raids. I’m in high Platinum now with occasional trips to Diamond, but every time I land in Diamond I drop out overnight.

Current heroes (maxed and emblemed unless otherwise stated):


  • 5* - Aeron (3/70)
  • 4*
    • Proteus
    • Sabina
    • 2nd Proteus (3/60)
  • 5* - Inari (1/1)
  • 4* - Li Xiu
  • 4*
    • Gormek
    • Lancelot
    • 2nd Gormek (3/60)
  • 5*
    • Aegir (3/70)
    • M. Lepus (3/7 and priority to bring to 3/70)
  • 4*
    • Kiril
    • Triton
    • Agwe (1/1)
  • 5* - Margaret (1/1)
  • 4*
    • Skittleskull
    • Jack O’Hare
    • Gobbler (1/1)
    • Gadeirus (1/1)


  1. Any general advice on which of my 5s are worth using even at 3/70, over my fully leveled 4s? (Aegir, Aeron, M. Lepus, Margaret, Inari). I have enough materials to take all to 3/70, it’s only the final ascension materials which are scarce though I do have enough tonics for Margaret.

  2. I am saving gems for elemental summons. Which element should I prioritize:

  • Red - because I only have 4*s?
  • Yellow - because I only have one 4*, and Inari will take a long time to fully ascend?
  • Other

Or do I need to prioritize any specific elements? Should I spend my gems on Challenge Events instead - am thinking Guardians as either Jackal or Falcon would be good additions to my team?

  1. Which Green should I prioritize: Margaret or Gobbler or Gadeirus? (as both are at 1/1, but I have enough Tonics for Margaret)

And which Green should join my Raid Defense team: Skittleskull, Jack O’Hare, Margaret, Gobbler or Gadeirus? (Current lineup is Kiril / Gormek / Li Xiu / Proteus / Jack, no plans for now to add the the other 5*s like Aegir or Aeron until I can fully ascend them)

  1. Any other general advice on making the most out of my heroes?

Note: as I don’t have the necessary ascension materials for Blue and Purple, I’ll post again when I need to decide between 2nd Proteus vs. Aeron for the trap tools, and M. Lepus vs. Aegir for the scopes.


Note: qwikening kindly gave advice before I pulled Gadeirus, so please consider that in your reply!

Very nice looking roster for F2P

Any general advice on which of my 5 s are worth using even at 3/70, over my fully leveled 4 s?
Aegir is worth using at 3/70 in my opinion. Take him to 4/80 and you will stay in platinum with a lot less effort. He’s simply amazing!

Aeron is good as well, healers can typically be used at 3/70 effectively.

Margaret and Inari will go together nicely. Inari doesn’t need Margaret, but I personally wouldn’t use Margaret unless I had Inari to pair together. The dodges are nice! Very problematic for attackers.

Lepus should work decently at 3/70 as well.

saving gems for elemental summons
Well, actually you’re better off doing summons during Atlantis. Better hero options during Atlantis, i.e. Guardians. Otherwise, elemental summons during RED would get you in position to get that rainbow 5* team.

Which Green should I prioritize: Margaret or Gobbler?

Any other general advice on making the most out of my heroes?
Give your scopes to Aegir over Lepus and your trap tools to Aeron over 2nd Proteus. You can never have too many healers!

Aeron / Margaret / Aegir / Inari / Gormek

That’s the Defense lineup I would consider working on if I had this roster. Replacing Gormek with a different 5* Red when you finally pull one.

Best of luck out there & happy hunting!


Thanks Qwikening! You have given me great insight into using my 5*s. They are all relatively niche, but you have opened my eyes to their uses.

and thanks, I am happy with the number of 4s and 5s I’ve gotten considering I am F2p!


I have been trying to think about which red hero I would want to shoot for if I were in your spot. A couple come to mind. Azlar would be a nice addition. With all those heals going he should probably have plenty of time to get his special off, and it can be nasty when it does! Snipers work well in the corners too, so maybe Marjana. Zim is a decent option as well, AoE, boosting heroes atk and cleansing your defense. Or Red Hood! Another AoE and more heals via her foxes! Even Anzogh, AoE and heals the group.

Really a lot of good 5* options out there that you could make work.

May fortune be ever in your favor sleepyhead!

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so much healing! but all that healing will do wonders.

if I do have 2 heaelrs (Aeron + a red), I may consider bringing M. Lepus in just so I have a sniper who hits like a truck.

Margaret - Inari - Red Hood - Aeron - M. Lepus… yikes.

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If you’re going to save gems for a elemental summons, I’d recommend holy. There’s a decent chance of pulling Wu Kong (~50% for a 10x pull), and of 4* classic heroes, he’s the one who transforms the game the most.

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Wu is available through the Atlantis summons gate though if I remember correctly. Plus the added bonus of all the other heroes in there.

Granted, your odds of landing Wu are better during the Holy summons, but how many Dawa’s does one person need??

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+1 I like that lineup. Not a lot of offense to it but it’s great on survivability (if that’s a word) and the emblems on Gormek will make him a stud

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Thanks, all. I’m actively feeding Inari and Margaret and M. Lepus now, all three. Have been testing them on the world map only so far, but Inari and Margaret would shine more in PvP (Raids, Wars). Still, it’s fun playing with them and seeing their skills in action.

Great discussion on this as a defensive lineup. I am certainly looking forward to testing it out… I imagine it will be incredibly annoying in the Wars I’m in.

Good discussion on Atlantis vs. Elemental summon as well. Red and Yellow are definitely the choices, Red more than Yellow because I don’t have a 5* (though an emblemed Gormek will be a decent substitute). For Yellow, my concern with summoning one is that then I will have to split my Yellow feeders between the new hero and Inari. Still, I would like a more offensive Yellow eventually.

Atlantis summon wins out over Elemental because Atlantis does have a lot of great choices only available there - Wilbur, for example. I’ll save my gems for the current summon too for a chance at Gravemaker (to complete my rainbow 5*!) or the wonderful Hel…

thanks again all.

So I’ve been pushing hard on Atlantis while it’s still active…

and just got myself a Grimm :rofl:

Going to continue with Lepus to 3/70, then turn my attention to Grimm before Agwe…

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