Just got a few 4* and 5* and not sure who to use

I’ll post my roster below. With the Atlantis sales, I did some summoning and got a few 4 and 5 star characters. A few seem kind of gimmicky so not sure who to go with. I mostly am just focused on the story line - not sure I’ll get into Alliance Wars or even Titans.

I’ve been using Wilbur a bit and he’s pretty good in PvP - I can usually time his buff so I only have one or two targets left when I soul link them Also if I level Mnesseus up then I can use his debuff removal for a little more control. My only other decent Fire is Hawkmoon.

Gobbler doesn’t look like he’s as useful without minions to eat, and my current play style is more focus-fire than AOE.

Proteus looks useful against elites and bosses but then I don’t have my healer (Aeron) and have to bring Hawkmoon back in instead of Wilbur.

My Team 2 below was created just to get all of my unteamed characters at the top of the list.

I’m currently adventuring with Aeron, Wilbur, Richard, Bane and Needler (with Mnesseus coming in when leveled a bit more). Does that look right?

For raiding I’ve been swapping out Hawkmoon for Wilbur so I can focus-fire but I mostly only raid to get the daily chest.

Thanks for any recommendations. Also, I have the mats to Ascend one 5* for the first ascension. I also have enough gems to do one more Atlantis summon (I’m on VIP for this month)

Thanks for any advice.

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