Please help for my next 5* heroe(s)

After following some solid advice from various members, at the end of my first year playing, I think I have a quite good roster, so I need your advice once more to proceed further.

Concerning my roster, the following your suggestions, here are my maxed 5*

Purple: Vera, Alfrike, Kage, Hel
Holy: Poseidon, Onatel, Uraeus
Blue: Krampus, C-Magni, Crystalis, Glenda
Green: Heimdall, Kingston, Fogg, Frigg
Red: C-Marjana, Jean - François, Elisabeth.

I have the mats for one 5* from each color, except tomes (I only have 3 of them).

The rest of my 5s* are:
Purple : Dr. Moreau (3.70), Domitia +C(2.60), Sartana (1.1), Malicna (1.1), Marie-therese (1.1), Victor (1.1), Zulag (1.1), Obakan+C(1.1), Quintus +C (1.1) and Aeron (1.1)

Holy: Sif(3.70), Thor(3.70), Sir Roostley (3.70), Vivica (2.60), Joon (2.60), Leonidas (2.60)

Blue: Alasie (2.60), Thorn (3.70), Isarnia+C(3.70), Lord Loki (1.1), Fernir (1.1), Frosth(1.1), Rafaelle (1.1), Richard(1.1)

Green: Tarlak (3.70), Elkanen+C(3.70), Lianna(3.70), Telluria (1.1), Kadilen without the costume (1.1), Horghall + C (1.1), Bertila (1.1)

Red: Azlar + C (3.70), 2nd Marjana+C(1.50), Khagan (2.60), Ares(1.50), Yang Mai (1.38), Baldur (1.1), Reuben (1.1)

Sorry for such a long list, but I truly need your expertise, so I think that you must have all the necessary facts in order to make a suggestion.

I am about 2 months from completing my base (maybe not the last two levels of hunter’s lodge or the academy) and I am wondering if it is time to focus on heroes for events (for example Thorn or Khagan) or do you think that it is still too soon and I need to build a more extend roster?

What are your suggestions? I really have stopped working on 5s*, because I truly can’t decide what to do next and whom to ascend!

Thank you again for all the help you have given me over the last months and sorry for the big post!

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Purple : Dr. Moreau. Purple Drake Fong with far better stats and hits far harder.

Holy: Sif (good for the double raid defense formation) or Sir Roostley (good for flanking your Alfrike in rush wars and tourneys where the classic defense formation is utilized).

Blue: Lord Loki. Powerful and a fun hero to have. The only hero in the game that can be anybody you want to be.

Green: Tarlak. Useful against blue titan, mythic titans, challenge events, pvp, pve.

Red: Azlar and costume. If you hate slow heroes, then wait for other fast ones, or Yang Mai (if you are a mono-user since her Element Link benefits her entire team).

But basically, it depends on your playstyle, troop levels, attack strategy used (mono, 4-1, 3-2, 3-1-1, 2-2-1, 2-1-1-1 or rainbow).

But for the heroes you would prioritize due to the limited ascension mats, you can’t get wrong with Tarlak and Lord Loki. The third one is a toss up between Moreau, Siff and Roostley.

You can finish all the stages in the legendary tier of any of the monthly challenge events. But if you are asking for the top rankings, I am afraid you don’t have the necessary heroes yet to be brutally competitive, mostly those that deal regular defense debuff, elemental defense debuff, etc.

Good luck and more power.


Purple : Domitia +C if you can emblem her, Dr Moreau if you can’t. Extremely underrated and versatile (dispel or cleanse, your choice) hero!

Holy: Sif. Easy choice, she’s great.

Blue: Lord Loki. Slow hero on the other team? Slow power in an average package with Loki!

Green: Tarlak (No Miki, no gazelle, he’s a must).

Red: 2nd Marjana+C is honestly the smart choice, but variety is king. I love C. Azlar…slow but deadly if he fires.

First of all, let me thank you for the time you took to read all of my post and to write such detailed answer!
As for the events, my red team has c-Marjana for the elemental defence down, Wilbur for the regular defence down, Boldtusk for the attack up and usually Sumle and Scarlett (I am not using JF). Khagan for example will make a fine addition but I don’t know if he is better than C-Azlar, in the long run.
For greens there are Almur, Frigg and Heimdall. I was thinking C-Elkanen and maybe Tarlak can do the trick.
But you are right. I don’t know if I am in that point to the game to focus solely on event heroes.
I am mostly a mono player (at least for the 5 flags), mainly because the teams I am facing are always 4550+ with I might say quite good success (usually 4-5 one shots), but I want to have the luxury to play with whatever combination want.

I was thinking that the first 3 heroes to ascend will be C-Azlar, Sir Roostley (in order to have four 5* in holy and red) and Dr Moreau.
After that Tarlak.
I am a still a bit confused regarding the blues. I like Lord Loki but isn’t he a bit niche? Wouldn’t be better a more straight forward hero like Alasie? Or Frosth to pair with Krampus and/or Bera?

One can dream!

I am torn between her and Sir Roostley. Maybe Sif is the safer choice?

Here’s my thoughts pal!

Purple: Dr. Moreau. SOlid hitter and the new heroes are just flat out stronger

Yellow: Sif is the best of the bunch. Viv if you feel you are lacking in healers.

Blue: Lord Loki. Fun, powerful and using enemy’s skill on themselves is so gratifying

Green: Tarlak. This should be priority #1 with no Miki or Gazelle

Red. Maybe C Azlar. Baldur? The new HOTM perhaps. I can’t decide, no slam dunk choice here.


Costumed Marjana and Wilbur MAY help you rank better in the monthly challenge events on the legendary tier. But please observe that the top 100 players in that tier mostly use 5* heroes, fully emblemed and supported by maxed troops. I don’t know how far would Sumle and Scarlett fare on the legendary tier since they are squishy even if fully emblemed. But with luck, or at the cost of insane number of battle items and WE refills, you might pull it off. Please share here how you fare using those heroes in future challenge events.

Khagan with costume may be edging a little bit above or under costumed Azlar. Almost at par, IMHO, but depends on the usage and the other heroes on the raiding team. But for green titans and challenge events, you may want to seriously consider the attack stat of an emblemed costume Azlar. @Rduke77above has also endorsed the lion.

Almur is just a cheap and subpar alternative to Evelyn. The S3 epic hero is still just squishy even if fully emblemed. You should have Tarlak and upgrade yourself from the neverending miss caused by Wu Kong. Again, if you see monogreen on the legendary tier leaderboards in the monthly challenge events, I am pretty sure Tarlak would be one of those heroes and you would notice Almur barely there, if ever. Evelyn would be the prime elemental defense debuffer since she hits and dispels 3.

Again, first 2 would be Tarlak and LoLoki. But then again, it is your game account, it is your heroes and ascension mats, it is your playstyle, and your primordial enjoyment is your paramount consideration. We are just here to provide opinions.

Good luck.

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I know but unfortunately she is extremely difficult to get

And something else (the last one, I promise!) Who do you prefer as a third hero to ascend? Sif or C-Azlar? (I have 3 tomes)

Sif is good both on offense and defense. She is very common on defense in the top leader boards employing double raid defense formation. The thing is, she has a very solid counter when defending, a 4* purple at that: Sabina and her costumed version. Maybe she is far better when used on offense, utilizing the judo strategy in using the enemy’s strength to defeat the likes of Frigg, Odin and other strong AOE hitters. To me, she is just a sturdier version of Boril or Cyprian. That was why among the different colors, I provided 2 suggestions on your holy heroes. The rooster is good offensively and defensively. He has his drawbacks though too. But they are the better ones among your yellows. Vivica, I may ascend her if I have her costume since the costume bonus lowers her tile requirement to fully charge her mana and that the costume version debuffs enemy defense.

Costumed Azlar is the one who I am more inclined to ascend. His insane attack stat is something not to be messed with, as well as his undispellable burn. He will improve your monored with your costumed Marjana. When those 2 hits, I can only imagine the pain of those targets and nearby. Lolz.


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