Entering 5* - help

So I’m just about ready maxing my 4th 4* team and will start on 5*. I’d like them to improve me in all aspects of the game (raid, titans and defence). My 4* teams are (star indicate emblems)

Nature: Melendor*, Hansel*, Caedmon*, Little John

Ice: Grimm*, Sonya*, Kiril, Triton

Fire: Boldtusk*, Scarlett*, Wilbur, Gormek

Dark: Proteus*, Sabina*, Tiburtus*, Rigard

Holy: Wu Kong*, Chao*, Gretel, Li Xiu

My current defence team is (letft to right): Sonya, Hansel, Boldtusk, Proteus, Chao.

These are my 5* heroes: Hatter, Margareth, Isarnia, Miki, Thorne, Anzogh, Azlar, Seshat
(2 x), Sartana, Ursena, Boss Wolf, Guinevere, Vivica, Ranvir. I have almost the mats to fully ascend one of each colour and 2 dark.

Who should I focus on first and second, or at all and where should I put them on my defence team? Guinevere as tank, I guess, but go rainbow or her by both, say Seshat and Sartana or 2x Seshat. Thank’s for input!

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Do you guys use coordinated tank color for war?

Miki is an obvious choice to me due to no one likes using wu if they dont have to. But with miki being slow mana, better be ready to make some mana pots.
If you guys dont use coordinated tanks for war(specifically yellow), i wouldnt put a huge priority on guin. Any 5* team is capable of holding diamond if you’re active daily and guin isnt highly useable on offense(tho more useable than given credit for)

Miki, vivica, anzogh, seshat, hatter, sartana is how i think I’d go as far as leveling priority based on the info you’ve given so far.

For defense:

Vivica seshat miki anzogh hatter is probably the order I’d go. And yes i know slow in the corner sounds nuts, but i think the anzogh early fires on a full team would buy her enough time to go off. And Defense isnt permanent, can test then change as needed.

Actually on defense, since hatter doesnt do damage, might move him to left flank, and put sesh on right wing. Eh, just keep a titan focus. Pvp will sort itself out as you get more heros maxed. That defense team with those 5 is nowhere near ideal, but it’ll hold diamond and at the end of the day that’s all that matters for defensive raids until a higher chest is implemented.


How much do you summon? With the heroes you list I’m guessing a decent amount, which means I’d be inclined to wait a little bit for a few better all-arounders, as this is your first rainbow five star team. Seshat I’d do without hesitation as she fits that criteria. I think Vivica is also a reasonable choice in that regard. But Miki will work fine at 3.70 for now.


Your choices for tanks are Guinevere, Boss Wolf, or Ursena. To a lesser extent you also have Thorne and Anzogh, they’d work well for wars more so depending on the tank color your alliance uses (if you coordinate same color tanks).

Miki is a definite must max though, his skill is OP against titans.


Agreed, i just picked 5 that are “no regret” choices. Even if he pulled a good blue right after maxing miki, miki would stay relevant and useful. But yea against titans lower than 12*, miki is probly fine at 3/70.


Thank’s! Some slightly surprising comments there. Who are these «better allround 5*» ? Think I’ve pulled quite a few really good ones, and plan to use less money on summoning hereafter since I’ve gotten a good bunch of 4* and 5* … and Hatter does do decent damage. Too many wizards in the bunch though, regarding emblems. I have started on Seshat (2/60), Isarnia (2/60), Anzogh (2/60), Hatter (2/36) and Guinevere (2/31). From what you say I’ll swap ice and holy with Miki and Vivica. I can do that :slight_smile:

My alliance doesn’t mach tank colour yet. Half the team is still working on their first allround team. We’re managing 7* titans, although we sometimes fail and fall back on 6*

Congrats with an amazing 4* roster! As for your 5*s, I can give you some hints and recommendations, based on my own experience, on top of what has been already written.

Greens: Your best option here is Hatter. He is not the most amazing hero but good enough for tonics, since he can really excell in certain situations (most notable, raiding against Aegir tanks and other buff-heavy heroes). As you seem to be a moderate spender, I might recommend waiting a bit until something else shows up. Lianna would be great for the first green 5* and October green HotM could be quite amazing. I would not bother with Margaret at all.

Blues: This is really a choice between Isarnia and Miki, both are quite good and deserve to be maxed at some point, unless Athena and Tarlak shows up too. I lean towards doing Isarnia first, since she is a great all-arounder, while Miki’s special is crippled when it comes to PvP battles, but I guess it is a price for being one of the best titan specialists in the game. As previously noted, he will still do his thing while being at 3.70.

Reds: I would say, neither of these heroes really shines, but they are not the worst either. If I had to choose, I would go with Azlar, but that is likely just my personal preference. It might be worth to wait for the next months red HotM - very fast mana healer.

Yellows: I would not hurry with Ranvir, since you already have Wu and are currently fighting only 7* titans. I would not recomment doing Guin as your very first yellow 5* either. That leaves Vivica and, all I can say, she is an amazing hero and most certainly worth the darts.

Darks: Seshat without any doubt. And even then I would still consider doing a second Seshat, since it can make raiding Guin teams a breeze. Sartana might be slightly better choice for defense team, however. Ursena would also be nice to have at some point, since she might be the best candidate for your sorcerer emblems. As for Boss Wolf, like Guin, he could make quite a formidable tank.

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Good points! Also, when raiding 3+2 as I often do, it would be great to have a good yellow healer. Vivica would fit that role nicely and also dispells and buffs defence and has well rounded stats (although slow). I’ll wait a bit with Guin then. Think also I’ll max Guardian Falcon first and see if a better 5* red pops up before spending rings. (Alas, I didn’t pull Jackal and have already spent this months budget on summons), so Seshat, Hatter, Isarnia and Vivica will be my first maxed 5s. Miki will rest at 3/70 for a while. Great input guys!

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