Aegir or Lepus as my first 5* Blue to ascend?

Hi all,

I’m about to get my sixth Scope from finishing Atlantis hard, and I was originally planning to ascend Aegir over Lepus. But I’ve been browsing the forums and can see a case for either.

Before this I was dead set on improving my raid defense, but I can see how Lepus is useful on raid offense, wars and Titans. World Map too, but then I’m already going to finish Atlantis hard, so…

In terms of these game aspects:

  1. Titans/ War - I am in a 4-person alliance, we win probably 80% of our Wars, and are now consistently taking on 4-star Titans.

  2. Raids - on offense I can climb to Diamond, but my defense only lets me stay in high platinum. I fluctuate between 2200-2500 cups.

My roster (maxed/emblemed unless specified):


  • 5* - Aeron (3/70)
  • 4*
    • Proteus
    • Sabina
    • 2nd Proteus (3/60)


  • 5* - Inari (3/70, but will ascend after Sand Empire as I am getting my 5th and 6th darts from Atlantis and from Sand Empire)
  • 4* - Li Xiu


  • 4*
    • Gormek
    • Lancelot
    • 2nd Gormek (3/60)


  • 5*
    • Aegir (3/70)
    • M. Lepus (3/70)
  • 4*
    • Kiril
    • Triton
    • Grimm (3/56, will take up to 3/70)
    • Boril (1/1)
    • Agwe (1/1)


  • 5*
    • Margaret (4/55, will max out and emblem)
    • Gregorion (1/1, I pulled him after ascending Margaret…)
  • 4*
    • Skittleskull
    • Jack O’Hare
    • Gobbler (1/1)
    • Gadeirus (1/1)
    • Kashhrek (1/1)

Current defense is all maxed/emblemed 4s (Kiril - Gormek - Li Xiu - Proteus - Jack O’Hare). Planning to shake it up once I ascend/max my first few 5s.

On offense, I use Lepus much more often than Aegir because Lepus hits much harder (and I have many other defensive/support heroes). I often use a 3-2 stack: Proteus, Aeron, Lepus, Kiril, Triton. Great synergy here: Aeron prevents Lepus’ defense debuff, Kiril boosts Lepus’ (And Triton’s) attack, Triton boosts healing, Triton + Proteus have a family bonus. Kiril/Lepus/Triton firing together often kills my target, while Proteus stalls 3 other heroes. If I really need a dispeller I swap Sabina in for either Kiril or Triton.


  1. Aegir is definitely better for raid defense. But how important is raid defense anyway? If I can make up for the lost cups with a better offense (maxed Lepus over maxed Aegir), does it matter if my defense keeps letting me fall back into Platinum?

  2. If I decide Lepus over Aegir, how can I reshuffle my raid defense? I want to use Inari and Margaret as they are my only other maxed (or soon to be) 5*s, but they work better with Aegir than with Lepus. For that matter, Lepus doesn’t work on raid defense, but if I ascend him I would like to use him.
    Which would work better then?

Gormek - Aeron - Aegir - Margaret - Inari
Gormek - Margaret - Aeron - Lepus - Inari ?

  1. For Titans, would it be more useful to have a max Aegir or a max Lepus? Considering my other blues include emblemed Kiril and Triton, and a 3/60 Grimm

  2. For Wars, who would be generally more useful? Aegir or Lepus?

Thanks in advance…!

Aegir can be your tank now and forever more. A top 4 tank at your level would be such a comfort and would be hard for me to pass up.

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I commend you for this extensive, well thought out post. I feel you have a solid grasp of the positives and usages for each hero. As such, I’m confident you’ll make a good decision on this and with the rest of your roster.

The only things I think I can add that may be of use to you:

  1. While I agree with you about raid defense (where pretty much if you can open the chests in Diamond, that’s good enough), there is some merit to having a sturdier WAR defense. Especially since, in such a small alliance, I’m guessing you may have one of the stouter defenses - your defense can make it MUCH harder for your side to get flipped. Sounds like your group’s already doing well there, but it’s a factor.

  2. Are you having any trouble completing the third level of various trials? The Paladin trials are especially short on healers, so Aegir can be a huge asset there.

  3. Do you aspire to high level titans? Aegir will really shine there as well, where he’ll increase your team’s survivability dramatically.

(I feel like all of that makes it sounds like I favor Aegir over Lepus; it’s actually that I have Aegir and NOT Lepus, so I feel more comfortable speaking about the areas where I personally find Aegir useful.)


thanks @Madre808. Something to think about, Aegir is definitely a great tank. especially after the recent buff

thanks @IvyTheTerrible, so nice of you to say! i’ve definitely thought a lot about it. I was initially set on ascending Aegir, but I wanted to look at how I use him versus Lepus, considering the rest of my roster. it’s a bit of a dilemma as I’m generally stronger in support heroes (Proteus, Aeron, Sabina, Inari…) then I am on pure offensive juggernauts.

that said, you make some great points for further consideration. I didn’t think of the Trials. you’re right, the next best Paladin I have is… Tyrum. and then Prisca. Ascending Aegir would be a good boost there. Unlike with Druid, where I already have maxed Brienne and Belith and Melia. and your point in War defense is sound too, in such a small alliance.

i think i’ll sleep on this for a couple of days before finally deciding. i’m itching to ascend my next heroes :slight_smile: i’ll probably end up ascending my Blue pick and Inari at the same time

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A few more thoughts here; I have Aegir and not Lepus, but only two other leveled 5*s - Kage & Marjana.

On AWs, Aegir shines when paired with one or two healers on the wing. In a recent AW, my team of Kiril-Kage-Aegir-Marj-Mel lasted for 17 straight attacks before they fell, but that was enough to stop the roll of our alliance. I don’t think that that would have happened with Lepus’ defense debuff.

Aegir also shines with the hard-hitting snipers I have; they balance each other out. Even with a rainbow raid defense with the three 5*s plus Mel and Li Xiu, I still win about half the defenses, which lets me stay in Diamond.

On raid offense, I’m alternating a 3^ Magni or Morgan or 4^ Marj with a Kiril/Kage/Aegir base to match vs the tank on defense, and win most battles. Aegir is a great addition to all arenas, although I might actually favor Lepus vs titans if a healer could keep him alive.

GL! :smile:


Thanks @Greywing :slight_smile: One reason i’m considering Lepus so much is because I have Aeron too. But then, that doesn’t help my raid defense - not reliably. oh, decisions, decisions…
i also lack powerful snipers. Gregorion, sadly, came by a few weeks after I used my Tonics on Margaret. next best are 4*s Triton and - somewhat - Lancelot.

I’d ascend Lepus. My reasoning is, a support hero is useful on attack at 3/70, so you can still use Aegir there too, but a sniper should be maxed to really shine. You think Lepus hits hard now? Wait until he’s maxed, I really love him on attack, he hits like Lianna, but with splash damage.
I don’t have Aegir myself and if you are looking to up your wardefense, he’d be the obvious choice. However it doesn’t sound like it, so I’d do Lepus first.

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Hello sleepyhead.

You are a bit light on hitters.
With what you’ve said about your priorities, Lepus would be a solid choice.

I also strongly recommend that you ascend grimm. He is widely acknowledged as a good hero. He hits hard and the debuff is a game changer.

Kiril, Grimm and Lepus in a 3-2 attack stack would be beast mode.

(My Grimm is emblemed. Next node is 17 and his attack will increase to over 800).

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thanks @Inigo, @Konijntje. i was thinking too, if I don’t ascend Aegir then i could use Kiril or even Lepus + Aeron on my defense anyway. and just wait to ascend Aegir next time.

I really have to think about my priorities now

More then anything, how are you with rare quests? Legendary monthly event? Season 2 stages?

If you have some problems (or some heavy items usage) on them, Aegir can help you much more then rabbit.

I love the rabbit, expecially for monochrome blue events stages, but Empire and Puzzle is a long journey.

Better collect ascension materials as soon as possible, and Aegir help you more for that.


Aegir prolonged the titan fights where ascension materials matter.
Lepus with very high attack stat hits like a train with Kiril and Grimm combination. The only problem is Lepus just as fragile as Grimm. Emblem goes a long way.
I personally prefer Aegir esp. after the recent buff.
Btw, it’s just a matter of personal preference.
Go with one that you are most comfortable with.

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Aegir all in all is more versatile. I’ve finished impossible trials where i didnt had any healers, i didn’t even take health potions thats how life saver he is. Events, trials, quests, he’s an item saver too. Titans, you can use him everywhere minus the green ones. But thats me overthinking because im f²p so i have to find the best compromise. You have a lot of snipers out there and true Lepus is one of the best too, but Aegir its really unique in what he does.

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@KnifeWonder @AliceCooper @Elpis thanks! great. points to think about

That defense sounds familiar. I think I lost to you recently :stuck_out_tongue:

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thanks again everyone. after some thinking i went with Lepus. sorry Aegir, you will be the next i hope!

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Raid defense = not important unless you can’t hold your position in the league you want

Offense is the most important for challenges, quests, titans and raid chests.

If titans alone, Aegir would be the one. If not, Lepus for the pure offense.

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thanks @AirHawk. So far I’m doing decently with Titans. My raid defense doesn’t hold me in Diamond yet, but i’m honestly fine with that as falling back into Platinum helps make it easier to fill my raid chest, and I can often climb back to Diamond in time to open it.

eventually went with Lepus - should be a big help with challenges. already is, he helped me clear Sand Empire quite well :slight_smile:


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