Raid defense - using my new ascended 5*s? (Inari, Margaret, Lepus)?

Hi all,

Forum members have given me much good advice before, so thank you for all of that and thanks in advance for helping me again :slight_smile:

I recently ascended my first three 5s, with a 4th coming soon. Could you help me see how they fit in my raid defense, or if they do? My ascended 5s are Inari, Margaret and M. Lepus. Aeron is next as I only need one tabard more.

Some principles I follow:

  1. I’m F2P from now on (technically C2P, but I don’t plan to spend any more than the 2.99 EUR I did to get gems once!) So I’m not considering heroes I might get.
  2. I would like, as much as possible, to use my (soon to be) maxed and emblemed 5s in my defense as they have higher stats than my emblemed 4s.
  3. I can get to low Diamond on raid offense, but my defense drops me back to high Platinum. Which is fine as I do manage to climb back, but it would be nice (not a burning need) to at least stay in low Diamond so I don’t have to worry about climbing. I have no problems re-rolling for the right match ups.

Could you give advice on:

My suggested short-term defense (for the next 2 or so months until I get the last tabard from Morlovia that I need to ascend Aeron),
and my suggested mid-term defense (until I can ascend more 5*s, currently I also have Aegir at 3/70 and Gregorion at 1/1):

  1. Short-term defense (while waiting for Aeron):

Kiril - Margaret - Gormek - Inari - Proteus


Notes: rainbow still as Margaret and Inari are too frail to tank in my opinion. Proteus for mana block, thought of Sabina but I already have Kiril to heal. Gormek as tank because he’s the beefiest and his skill lasts longer than Kiril’s, so would rather Gormek fire first and die first than Kiril… Also, people would stack Blue to kill Gormek, which is weak vs. Margaret.

  1. Mid-term defense (after Aeron is ascended):

Gormek - Lepus - Aeron - Margaret - Inari


Still rainbow, though with four 5*s I’m thinking this might be sturdy enough to not go rainbow. Gormek is still my best red for defense (over Lance and Scarlett). Am thinking Aeron is beefy enough and annoying enough to tank. Lepus as my blue because the best defense is a good offense (?), and I only want to hold low Diamond anyway so he should be enough to stop weaker opponents with few cups from killing me, I hope. The placement of colors could be better, but my constraints are that Lepus must be beside Aeron (I know flank isn’t ideal for him), and Margaret should be flank to best use her skill. And Aeron and Gormek are the only really viable tanks among these five I think, and Aeron just makes more sense than Gormek…

Does Lepus make sense here, or should I swap him out for Kiril? I could see my defense then being Gormek - Inari - Aeron - Margaret - Kiril…


Or can I afford to not go rainbow? Maybe drop Gormek for Proteus? Thus: Kiril - Margaret - Aeron - Inari - Proteus


I’m not going to discuss my long-term defense yet, as the only other 5*s I have now are Aegir (3/70) and Gregorion (1/1), and I have zero scopes and zero tonics in my inventory. I chose to ascend Lepus over Aegir because I want to prioritize raid offense and wars and quests; and I pulled Greg after ascending Margaret so no turning back.

My roster (maxed/emblemed unless specified):


  • 5* - Aeron (3/70)
  • 4*
    • Proteus
    • Sabina
    • 2nd Proteus (3/60)


  • 5* - Inari (4/29)
  • 4* - Li Xiu


  • 4*
    • Gormek
    • Lancelot
    • 2nd Gormek (3/60)


  • 5*
    • Aegir (3/70)
    • M. Lepus (4/21)
  • 4*
    • Kiril
    • Triton
    • Grimm (3/70)
    • Boril (1/1)
    • Agwe (1/1)


  • 5*
    • Margaret (4/61)
    • Gregorion (1/1)
  • 4*
    • Skittleskull
    • Jack O’Hare
    • Gobbler (1/1)
    • Gadeirus (1/1)
    • Kashhrek (1/1)

Thanks again!

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