Use Mats to Ascend these heroes or no?

These 4* Heroes I have had at 3/60 for ages now but have always had better ones to ascend
Right now, I have better ones still but they are 5* - for example I have Sartana, Lianna, Isarnia and many others not touched or barely touched. Those 3 are close to 3/70 so I mentioned those.

My problem for now is I only have 3 fine gloves and 3 tome of tactics, and need 3 more tonics for Lianna and only have 2 darts for any Yellow/Holy… So I am wondering if to use those gloves on finishing these 4*, or to ignore them and just to wait until I have the mats ready for the 5*?

I do also have other Rigards (2x and 2x costume), Proteus (2x), Boldtusk, Wilbur, Kiril all to start upgrading too.

I have already started on a second Caedmon so I can have his regular + costume… So that will actually only leave me with 2 Gloves… So should I start those and use my gloves on them instead of any of these below?
I am considering maybe doing a Kiril, Boldtusk and then finishing this Caedmon + his costume on both…

4* Heroes at 3/60 (or close)

Cheshire Cat
Hu Tao

Cheshire cat is fun… There aren’t many sorcerers to compete for emblems (do you have other sorcerers?) - he’s kinda anti-synergy with Proteus, but he’s really useful for titans.

Reasons to… Holy Titans, class trials, nice tile damage for a 4* (if emblemed).
Reasons to pass… Tibertus (with or without costume) will do the holy titan job well enough - CCat does it better, but is it enough for you?


Gormek is beefy (high hp) but isn’t great as a tile attacker… He’s also decent flanking a riposte hero on attack or defence because of his high HP.
His only other use is titans, but Wilbur does it better - pass.


Gadeirus can be a useful support hero mid-game, but he does wind up dropping out of use as you advance… If you’re a long way from building into a deep 5* bench (ie: you haven’t got any or haven’t ascended any to tier 4 yet) or you’re short of 4* options then he might be worth it.


I wanted to love Mireweave but she’s largely sat unused… I haven’t been nearly as impressed as I expected to be.


Sumi was useful for a while, but he’s another that has completely slipped out of use for me.


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