Which 4* hero is worth maxing first

Hello fellows,

While I’m patiently waiting for some fine gloves (which i find very hard to get) I need to make decision which 4* hero is worth maxing first.
I have other ascension materials to max green, purple, yellow and a blue hero (missing only gloves). I’m wondering which of my 4* heroes might be the most useful and universal (mostly for wars and raid). I’m not considering Azlar right now cause I hope to get another fine gloves before I’ll be able to level him up (focusing on Mitsuko now).

See below my current 5* and 4* heroes. To be honest I was thinking of Proteus, Caedmon and Buddy but can’t decide.
Any advise what to do will be very appreciated. Thank you in advance!

I am going to go out on a limb and say Rigard. You don’t have a maxed healer that I see and he is a good one.

From there Caedmon, Proteus, Kiril, Boldtusk, Grimm, Buddy, and maybe Cyprian should be your next focus


A couple of thoughts…

If your focus is on raids, then adding a dispeller and a cleanser (caedmon or rigard) will be very helpful

Proteus is universally thought of as one of the best 4 stars - and especially great for stages hard stages to help with mana control. I don’t have him, so can’t say for sure I’d level him above the others, but you won’t go wrong with any of these.

I love buddy, and find him super helpful (use him on raids all the time even against teams in high diamond), but given the few maxed heroes, I’d try filling the other needs (mana cut, dispell, cleanse) first.

One other note - you’re probably better off focusing on your 4 stars (of which you’ve got a bunch of good ones - kiril, Mel, boldtusk, buddy - among a few) that you’ll be using long term in the game.

Hope that helps!


IMO for where you are in he game would focus on your 4* heros as they will get much more use for a long time forward. You will use your healers forever so I also would level Rigard first as his heal and cleanse is very useful. Melendors heal and dispell is also very useful (tho caedmon can also dispell so for an attacker pick him). Those 2 healers would be my priority. I also use my boldtusk quite a bit for the attack boost on Titans and raids. After that I would lean towards Proteus as he will be helpful to finish events where you can get those needed ascention mats! Hope this helps!


You’ve received some very valuable advice above. 4* are the backbone of E&P. Max out at least 3-4 rainbow teams of your 4* before even bothering with the 5*. You can max close to 3-4* with the AM’s/feeders/time it would take for you to finish 1-5*

I’d also suggest to not neglect your 3*. They are quick and require no unfarmable AM’s. They are also needed in tournaments/ event challenges.

I made the huge mistake of summoning and trying to level 5*’s when I 1st started and wasted a large amount of material and time for little return.
Your 4* will give you much needed choice when attacking in wars/raids/events. Those 5* will still patiently waiting for their time. But right now finish off your 4*.

Rigard, Kiril and BT should be your priority heros. They have a VERY long shelf life and will see you well into Diamond in Raiding. Then Proteus, he’s indispensable in helping you finish many of the challenge events and probably one of the best 4* to have overall. (Try for Wilbur too, those 2 Atlantis hero’s are GREAT)
You’ll want to also finish Grimm, Buddy, Gade, Melendor(somehow missed him so I’d bump him in with the healers at the top), Valeria (much underrated hero IMO, Caedmon and Chao. While Cyprian is useful I wouldn’t prioritize him as you’ll find he’s quite like Kash in the length of his usefulness. He’s also overshadowed by Boril. That said, since you have him almost finished he’s worth having for Trials and AW’s too. So it depends on your depth in ascension materials.

While Kash is probably the best 4* tank I’d suggest holding off on him as his usefulness is very short, although still useful in AW.

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Thank you guys very much! Most of all for drawing my attention to the importance of having a decent healer. I focused on dealing damage to kill the opponent fast but it’s probably wiser to have a maxed healer on board first :slight_smile:

I’ll also make use of your advice on 5* star herose and focus on my 4* and few 3* for tournaments.

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Healers are very important.

As you start to build your bench have many healers is a good thing. Don’t feed them. For example I have just about 3 of each Rigard, Kiril, Melandor, and Boldtusk maxed. 2 are at 60 but will be maxed when I get some gloves and time.

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Get Scarlett on that list too… def above cyp.

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Welcome to the forum btw @Rosemary!!

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Yup Rigard will help you so much. He’s fantastic. Kiril, Boldtusk, Rigard will be useful to you like basically forever. They can always supplement a team. It’s good to max multiples for war. Proteus is incredible too but he’s really hard to keep alive if you don’t bring a healer along. I guess those 3 healers are the priority for those 3 colors in my opinion and for the other colors, Buddy is an excellent green; another hero with a very long shelf life. I still use him against 14* titans and in wars in top 100. For yellow Chao is ok. Yellow doesn’t really have good 4*. Wu Kong is great for titans but not great in pvp. Yeah I recommend maxing out a few sets of rainbow 4* to build war depth before spending resources on 5*. I’d do Rigard first, Buddy second, Kiril third, Boldtusk then chao. And then work on another set of 4*, at that point higher damage/higher impact heroes. Like Colen. Little John. Proteus. You get the idea. But first work on a solid base of support heroes.

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I cant write english better

1 healer buffer, rigard first
2 3 enemy attacker
3 Aoe attacker
4 Sniper
5 tank counter

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I will suggest in order of perferance

  1. Rigard (tanky healer)
  2. Kiril / Boldtusk (healer/buff)
  3. Cademan (dispell + sniper)
  4. Proteus (king of quest/map)

Top priority for almost everything is Proteus!
Dont leave home without him ! :smile:

Then Cademon, Kiril, Chao, Kelile for your first rainbow team.

Rigard, Grimm, Boldtusk, Buddy and any usefull yellow but not Hu! :smile:

Scarlett, LJ,Cyprian, Agwe, yellow ?

You already have some great heros.

My the RNG gods give you the materials you need to ascend them.

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In my honest opinion, you need to finish off and max Rigard. The best 4* healer in the game.
Then Proteus, Buddy, Boldtusk, Grimm
Then Kiril, Caedmon and Melendor
Good luck

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You appear to have a reasonable offensive team but not much to make them last longer. My suggestion would be healers, cleaner(the rarest of the specials) and debuffs. ==> Rigard, Caed, BT the proteus

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Dont miss Proteus. His mana block is useful against Titans, raid and in war hes a blast

Kiril and Boldtusk as partial healer and buffer

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