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Finally starting to see some ascension materials roll in, and before I do something incredibly short-sighted, I wanted to see if you all could give me some advice.

I currently only have 3 5* heroes (Gravemaker, Athena, Red Hood), but a whole slew of 4* heroes. None of my heroes are maxed yet, but some are awfully close.

Here is my current roster of heroes on their final ascension (requires no more materials, just experience):


Li Xiu



I am 2 mystic rings and 2 scopes away from being able to take Gravemaker, Athena or Red Hood to their final ascension, so I am tempted to save some warm cloaks and hidden blades, but I also have the following 4* heroes that could be fully ascended:





Cheshire Cat




Wu Kong






2 more Grimms





2 more Melendors






I have 4 fine gloves, so only 4 heroes make the cut. Proteus, Wu Kong, Kiril, Hansel, Wilbur and Boldtusk seem like the finalists to me, but which 4 should I prioritize? Should I save some of my materials hoping for some more mystic rings/telescopes for Gravemaker and Athena? Help!! Is there an event coming up with a guaranteed set of fine gloves?

I know that Wu and Wilbur would be great for titans, but I also want to create a well rounded team. Any advice welcome!

You should 100% not be focusing on 5s till you have a stable bench of 4s.

Gloves are relatively easy to come by compared to the other mats that you are talking about, so get 10-15 4*s leveled then turn your attention to your 5’s.

I would do Proteus, Triton, Hansel, Wilbur. You need more leveled hitters (triton and Hansel) right away and not more healers. Proteus is a must have for progressing in the map and will help on raids/challanges/events/etc, and i use Wilbur over Wu on 10/11* titans to help with survivability of my underpowered color stacks.


@Cvs couldn’t have put it any better. It would definitely behoove you to follow that advice. I learned the hard way with pulling 5* early…set me back MONTHS.


Farholme pass should be here this week with gloves and a tome.

I agree with @Cvs - 5s are pretty, but a solid bench of the right 4s can be more useful.

While you need more hitters, you may want to consider Bold for your 5th or 6th heroes to level. He is very useful and has a long survivability in the game (I consistently raid in Diamond and he’s still part of my basic raid attack team).


I agree with Cvs proteus, Wilbur, Hansel, Triton / Kiril and Wu kong. All of these you will use long term.

Your 5* are super and when you get ascension materials they are definitely worth maxing.

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There seems to be a consensus, and it’s great to know that another set of fine gloves is otw. I do really like Boldtusk, and my Kiril has bailed me out a couple of times. Because their specials are somewhat redundant, who would you prioritize over the other, based on my current roster?
Proteus got me through the Legendary Grimforest event, and Hansel seems to be great, so I’m definitely going to level both of them.

I prefer Kiril for the def buff. But a strong argument can be made for BT. In a short time you’ll want both. So since you have triton in the mix , maybe do BT and later Kiril.

Ok so is everyone saying Triton because he is fast mana? Just wondering what I’m missing. He’s sitting on my bench at 3:60. Working on Boril (4:41) now. I have 2 Grimms 1 maxed +9 & 3:1, maxed Kiril, maxed Sonya, & Agwe (3:34) don’t laugh going to 3:60 for trials. I also pulled Richard this last event my first and only 5* blue.

I think it’s his fast mana in combination with his relatively high tile damage.

I do have a maxed Grimm +9 with 136 emblems. Just burning through food right now. Hansel & this team have alot of my attention as far as food goes.

Bold was my first healer so I’m probably a little prejudiced. The thing I like about Bold is he’s tough enough to stay with you through platinum. Also, now that emblems are out, he’s easy to buff up even more for a makeshift 5* healer.

That being said, Kiril gives more healing than Bold. His defense buff is also very nice. He’s a more even hero that can probably help you more than Bold as you’re growing your heroes. But once you get through the hitters that several have suggested, dust off Bold and level him. You’ll fall in :heart:

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