Usage of 5* battle items

Hi All,

I am trying to figure out what the usage of 5* battle items is (Hunter Lodge crafted).

Raids/Alliance War/Tournaments - You can’t use battle items.
Challenge events - Restricted to 4* battle items.
Maps/Common/Uncommon/Rare Quests - Too easy to justify 5* battle items.
Seasonal events - I get the impression people who are long enough in the game to reach Hunter Lodge don’t need these items to complete these events.
Titans - I get the impression the later 5* battle items are too expensive for the reward here.

The only usage I could guess is in Class Quests for classes the player does not have strong enough heroes.
Anything else?

Can anybody solve this mystery for me?


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Realistically? there isn’t much use for any of the items… Very few of them have sufficient use (beyond novelty) to warrant construction…

The only real one that was useful was the Titanium Shields… But there may be a change coming to that one (linky link: 🧪 Early Information on Titanium Shield Balance Update [Part of The Beta Beat v30])

My thoughts on most of the Hunters Lodge Items from elsewhere:


From what we have seen so far of Season 3 hard, levels have a way bigger difficulty that the ones in S2, SO MAYBE those items will carry more value to finish S3 hard in a few months.

Harpoons definitely have use if they help you sufficiently with Titans. There’s a pretty good discussion in the link Guvnor posted, and I defend harpoon usage there.

They specifically help me deal with bad boards, and since I’m one of our bigger titan hitters, that’s important.

Thanks all for the responses.