How are you using the new titan items?

I think at this point we’re all pretty familiar with harpoons. The attack debuff increases survivability, while the defense down can be especially useful in fighting purple titans (as yellow lacks a defense dropper), and in cases where it allows you to sub in a higher tile hero for the defense down hero (e.g., plugging in Ameonna for Tiburuts).

And I’ve seen the Titanium Shield plus three unleveled one star heroes to reflect the titan’s slash attacks. Seems resource intensive to me, but I get it and it seems to have some value situationally.

But I haven’t really seen much discussion of the other new items coming out of the Hunter’s Lodge. Is anyone finding especially potent usages, whether against titans or in other situations?


I’m not. My alliance handles 14* titans just fine.

At this point, titan parts seem to be a bust. Especially considering the cost to upgrade and research the new items in the hunters lodge is so much.


Ditto what KLin said. I’ve used a couple of Titan Banners in place of Bear Banners when I’ve wanted to really push for a high score a couple of times, but otherwise none of them really seem necessary to me so far. My Lodge is only up to level 6 though. I do think I’ll use the last three items once I’ve finished upgrading/researching/crafting them, but only sparingly (as with Titan Banners, in high leverage situations only).


I am not prioritizing the Hunter’s Lodge. I care more about resource generation and storage at this point. I’ve got Harpoons out of obligation to my team, but that’s it.

I figure that my generalized apathy will serve me well, I will collect a ton of titan parts and have a good stockpile for use whenever it is that I get around to it.


My lodge is level 5 (I think, maybe 6) but I have only crafted poons.


Same here, lodge lvl3 but till now just crafted harpoons. What it’s stopping me (and I think also everybody) is the ridiculous cost of those items.

Me too I prefer to concentrate my resources in upgrading mines and silos for now.


Very interesting: we basically have a number of high level players weighing in that the items aren’t worth it right now. That may change as resources get freed up from building tasks - I know you’re all working really hard on your Alchemy Labs! :roll_eyes:

I’m assuming you’re all hitting decently high level titans, and successfully. Without the lodge items that presumably requires powerful heroes on pretty optimized titan teams. I do wonder if an argument could be made that players with less robust rosters (more towards the F2P / C2P side) would benefit more from crafting and using the higher level lodge items.

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For me, we are starting to kill 11* pretty routinely. 12* are hit and miss (mostly miss).

I don’t have a titan specialist other than Wu and Wilbur. I also don’t use many items on titans unless it’s rare. I’ll typically hit about 20k consistently. I’ll go higher and lower, but 20k seems to be average. Just as a data point.

Ditto. Ibid. same same.

We’re fighting 12* titans now with 1/3 of the alliance barely able to do 30k total so a few of us are carrying the load - I did 650k on the last one for an A+, and one other player passed 600k. My best hit was around 120k using minor and mid mana and 1x tornado (totally worth it, check out my bananza of loot)


I’m making harpoons for the team and starting to craft Titan Banners, but I haven’t used any Banners yet. The Valkyrie’s Bane and Hurricanes I’ve bought in the shop have come in handy but I’m rationing those too now.

That said, I hit a 10* for 160k last week without using any of the new items so I’m inclined to think they’ll help newer players more than the top-tier ones

That’s because you got an A+ ! I am 0 for 9 getting any rare AM when getting the top score. Doesn’t happen often though.

I’m only using harpoons, I upgraded the Lodge to L2 but never bothered to research the banner. I think the Caltrops could come in useful for me one day but I’m not in a rush to level up the Lodge just to craft one item. I do see other players using the Titanium Shield effectively and I might want to give that a try if only to do something with these titan parts.

I’m doing Ok with hitting 14-stars with my current bench and there isn’t anything in the Lodge that could be called a must-have item. The Scroll of Alteration is a neat gimmick but that novelty wears off quickly. Still doesn’t quite replace a tornado.

ohhh wow, I thought I was getting bad stuff. I get similar to this and it’s half the lot tier. I mean, my loot tier is usually 6, 7 or 8… yours is 15 and you’re still getting terrible things/

I share the same opinion as @PeachyKeen.
My Lodge is somewhere on lvl 5 but primary focus is to work on max. Production and storages.
Crafting Harpoons are standard hoping that more 4star ascension items are dropping for the team but that’s everything.

Ditto what others have said re harpoons, as well as starving for resources in building past SH20…
However, I am greatly looking forward to caltrops, especially for challenge and special events, where weapons can be used. The ability to use a debuffer when necessary (i.e. without waiting for mana or using mana potion), and not, for example, get reflection damage, is valuable to me.

I think I’m the only one…

Glad to see I’m not the only one NOT using Hunter’s Lodge at least. Me and a few random alliance members use the harpoons on occasion, but it’s a total waste on 5* to 6* Titans that we typically fight, and it’s hard enough for me to pay down the metal for even harpoons.

I did use the Titan banners, but after blowing through like 9 of them on one titan, I realized it was unsustainable and stopped. It had no dramatic effect on my score either. Maybe an extra 20k or so, but it really depended more on whether Ranvir and the board wanted to cooperate or not. I ended up using them more as really expensive turtle banners when I hit a tile desert which is really not the best use of those.

My Hunter’s Lodge is still level 2. I’ve put more priority on storages, and advanced house a little bit.

I think I’m in a weird spot compared to most of the posters not just in this thread, but on the forum. I’m almost completely F2P, I have had VIP twice in the past. I now have only 1 builder, and have gotten my Stronghold to 22 for the next set of advanced buildings. So I generally have more Iron than I can spend easily, which doesn’t seem to be the norm.

I’ve got my lodge up to 3, and have researched all items so far. I was one of the first people in my alliance to get the lodge making harpoons, and we are hitting 6* & 7* titans, mostly killing them.

I have built up a supply of harpoons - at 110 now. Titan banners and shields are only 10 each, but I haven’t used either much so far.

I think there must be something I am missing because my alliance mates & many folks on the forums often speak of being short of materials and I just am not experiencing that. I do have all storages at 20 or already at some advanced level, along with advanced house, 2 advanced farms & mines, but not all other production is at level 20 yet.

Lodge @ level 3.

Items are totally not worth it.

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I have finished all of my iron storages and made one of them advanced… I can’t upgrade my hunters Lodge and the stronghold, becouse the maximum of my iron is not enough. I don’t know is it a bug or I must to build something more. Can somebody help about this?

Slightly off topic here but you need to increase your advanced iron storage (you can go up to 10 maximum) to able to save enough and start the other buildings.
You will be needing to level up your food storage as well if you want research higher than level 1 in your hunters lodge.

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