Ursena Vs Onatel

From my understanding if onatel fires her special while ursena reflect is active and it is reflected to onatel, onatel is uneffected. Her mana gain doesnt slow down and ursena doesnt gain any mana when onatel gains mana

Why is that?

Isn’t onatel mana steal an ailment that is reflected?

The status ailment icon pops up for her and ursena(again from heresay, i dont have onatel) but the mana effects dont take place for either hero

Bug or intended design?


I guess it is due to the balance changes in Version 24. :slight_smile:


So essentially, they are classifying Onatel’s ability as a mana steal and not an ailment, which shouldn’t be a thing. If that is the case, they should change her icon, because it definitely looks and acts as an ailment. If Onatel’s ss isn’t an ailment, then neither are the vampires or MLF, corrent?


I have no idea. I don’t have any of these 5 star heroes, so I have no way of checking. I just wanted to point out the balance change so expert players like you all can test them out. :slight_smile:


Because of the terminology of the game.

Onatel’s description:

The caster steals generated mana of the target…

Ursena or the ally that reflected the ailment, are not considered the caster, Onatel is. Because Onatel here is the caster, she cannot steal mana from herself.

Could also be summed up to: the developers/programmers didn’t want to code for such a specific case where this ailment was reflected, so they just made it such that the ailment couldn’t be applied to Onatel when reflected.


Lol one of these days I’ll find a game with developers that don’t have to make loopholes in their own designs due to laziness

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