Guin and Onatel

Both reduce mana but if on same defense team would they combine reduction or cancel each other?

Onatel doesn’t reduce Mana, she steals generation.

So they aren’t at odds — Onatel would steal generation, and Guin would cut whatever Mana hadn’t been stolen.

That said, two yellows on a team can be tricky to setup well.

Flanks to a purple tank is a common setup for that, but Guin isn’t ideal as a flank.


It is different.
Guin = Direct mana cut, Period.
Onatel = Steal mana, so if opponent in her status ailment, they gain small mana and give rest mana to Onatel, but last turn it is 100% for Onatel.

Guin does not have status ailment, so nothing to cancel, it is direct mana cut.

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My tank is Kunchen with onatel and guin as flanks. Wings Kingston and marjana, thoughts? This would be my war defense team.

It’s certainly not a bad team, it’s just a bit passive. It largely relies on Marjana and Kingston to get all of the kills.

If Onatel and Guin can sufficiently delay an attacker, along with Kunchen’s healing, then that could work quite well — but it does give some space to work the board without huge consequences from dangerous flanks.

The one nice thing about Guin as flank to Kunchen or Ursena in particular is that it makes both holy and dark attackers have to potentially contend with elemental defense buffs. If I were going against that team, I’d be inclined to use a 3 stack of reds, likely along with Rigard and Proteus, or Kiril and Magni.

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