Ascension and Emblem questions

Here is my 5* roster currently.

So I have 2 questions.

1 - Which yellow hero would you ascend next?
2 - Which hero would you give Sorc emblems to? (There are only 3 sorcs in there, Quintus +C, Norns, Uraeus) - I have the emblems to take to +20 immediately


I’d max Uraeus next. Also would take him to +20 emblems. Due my lack of options, I’ve did that do Costume Quintus, almost against my will but he’s (impressively) working well. Besides I’d maxed Uraeus over him all day.

Hope it helps,

Uraeus was what I was thinking as well. I was just concerned about another sniper considering I already have Joon-C, Poseidon, and Malosi highly emblemed.

I see. Let’s think a bit different.

Poseidon: direct counter for Alfrike. Mana control protector more than just a sniper.

Malosi: wide useful skill. His damage isnt that much compared to almost any other sniper.

Joon C. is true damage dealer. The only real pure damage dealer there.

Uraeus: good damage and DOT but direct counter for Bera and Freya + other minion annoying summoners who are in evidence today. The other options aren’t much other than snipers too!

That is very true… I appreciate that point of view!

I am sold on Uraeus over Norns. The last question is… Do I pull the trigger now, or do I wait for S4 heroes to come out to see what happens there? To be fair, I will probably only pull very minimally.

You have a load of heroes already. I believe that’s already a lot of things to work on so I’d start at least one Legendary in this time pre-S4

My vote would be to max either Uraeus or Norns.

Uraeus has a lot of obvious benefits being a sniper and DoT minion killer.

Norns is less obvious but she REALLY shines in a Yurple stack in attack; I personally LOVE playing with her and highly rate her in offence (not good on defence).

Which ever you chose, they will be the obvious recipient of the Sorcerer emblems :stuck_out_tongue:

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