Yellow Ascension Time!

Hey guys, I got a roster question for ya. The Titan gave me dart #6. I was originally planning on ascending Uraeus, but I have a few viable yellow options.

Uraeus - I could immediately take to +20
Joon + C - This would be a dupe, I already have one +20. I could reset Raff and make a 2nd one +12
Norns - I could immediately take to +20
Viv + C (Dupe, first is +18), Bai Yeong, Neith are all options too.

My hang up on 2nd Joon is, I already have Joon, Poseidon, Malosi as snipers. Not really sure I need yet another one. Uraeus is kind of a sniper too, but bypassing minions could be useful against Krampus and heroes like that. Norns would add variety obviously.

I vote Uraeus due the the emblems and your comment about already having snipers covered.

If you could fully emblem the others, I’d consider C-Viv and/or Neith for use in very fast wars.

I forgot to mention that my first Viv + C is already at +18. And regarding Neith, my ranger emblems are spoken for already. :slight_smile:

I’d do Uraeus too, he snipes almost as good as Joon but has the minion niche which is very relevant. Don’t sit on Norns though, he can be super helpful.

I was going to do Norns, then I got Uraeus. Then I got Joon Costume. So it snowballed, but in a good way!

I’ll leave this out there for a bit, but general consensus seems to be Uraeus.

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