Upgrading my Troops?!

At what level again? Do I get to start leveling up my troops?

Bring your stronghold up to 10, you will get your barracks.

I would consider waiting to even think about leveling troops until you have your stronghold at 20 and your team 100% leveled. Troops are important, but not as important as having maxed heroes. Food is so precious.


Agree with this completely. The increase in stats from troops isn’t necessary until you have your heros maxed.


And the best to convert for building Barrack is Forge, other building is too useful to be converted.


I agree with every commenter, thus far. Troop leveling is incredibly expensive for food. You may want to consider reasonable levels for Farms and Food Storages, as well, before rushing off to convert that Level 5 Forge (minimum level a facility must be to directly convert) into a Barracks.


I’ve been playing a long time, this is my second acct., Obviously my favorite game! Lol… :wink:
I’d just forgotten when exactly I get my barracks…thanks everyone.


Fair enough :smile:, part of the reason I quit my alt

EDIT: got -> quit, big change. I was worn out on doing all of the early game build up

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Peachykeen, thanks for your response. Had so many questions I was wondering if anyone was going to reply. This just proves my point that this game is like no other. Additionally, I am one of those who missed level 10 and now have to wait for level 20 but I am close. I am also getting my last plot of land.


I’m not sure I understand this. The barracks (for troop leveling) is a conversion kit for an existing building, but it is not permanent. You can change it back and forth.

I’ve gotten pretty far, & lucked out on heroes?! Ariel, and kadelin, both 5’s, and Li liu, costumed Rigard, & Kelile, ALL 4’s?! How did that happen? I’m in too far to turn back now…lol! Oh, I got my barracks now! Yay! Tysm.

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