Question about leveling troops

So, I was wondering, if I level up 1* troops and feed the leveled up troops to my 4*, would that make my 4* troops level up faster?

When it comes to troops, I’m fairly ignorant and could use all the advice I can to get them where I need them to be.

I’ve never tried it but if the same mechanism from leveling heroes applies to leveling troops (which I’m pretty sure it does), your theory will not work.

When I level a 4* hero with feeders worth 10.000XP and then feed this 4* to e.g. a 5* hero, it’ll give me far less than 10.000XP.

So your best bet is to directly level your 4* troops with all the feeders you got.


I’m no expert so please wait until you get more advice. But in the meantime I would recommend you NOT feed your 1 star troops. They take SO much food and, while I don’t have any data, I would think the returns you’d get when feeding it away would be minimal.

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That’s the price of building troops, you MUST feed your 1* troops.

the answer will not level up quickly but your food is quickly used up :joy::joy:.
troop 4 * at the initial level may be rising, but the higher the troop level 4 * will increase the weight when using troop 1 *

I’m not sure he’s getting the answer to his OP. He’s questioning whether a LEVELED UP 1 star troop will improve the percentage when feeding it to a 4 star troop.

My advice was to NOT feed a 1 star troop in the first place as I feel it’s a waste of food.

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level 1 1* troop you get 40 xp

Level 10 1* troop you get 112 xp

Costs food to level that troop

So no it wont be any faster than using unleveled troops.

Food and feeder troops are the limiting factors for leveling troops. If you spend more food to make less feeders that dont give you a solid return of xp on your investment, then your better off just feeding your 4* troops level 1 1* and 2* troops.

Have heard of max 4* troops taking up to 10 months and $1k to get.

Buying and eating 3* troops from troop summons is the fastest way I’ve heard of and the most conserving on food but pretty draining on gems. 2 10x pulls a week is 3200 gems and not a lot of leveling

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Level 10 1* troops would have to be worth at least 200xp before it could be considered profitable tactic, and even then you would have to crack down the food cost per level up of a 1* troop vs the food cost of a 4* eating 10 1* troops along with cracking down food cost/xp ratios of eating 2* and 3*

I could possibly figure up all that info but unless others think it would have a beneficial outcome, i don’t think it needs to be done. It truly looks like the long way around. Only shortcut to maxing 4* troops = $$$$

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