Upgrading troops

I’m new to this game. Can you combine troops to make them stronger? Can inventory items be eqquipped


Inventory items are typically used to level up heroes or create certain hero types (Elite heroes can theoretically be made at Training Camp lvl 13, cost 265,000 food, 70 recruits, plus 1 leather armor and 1 wooden shield.)

And you are meant to feed lower level heroes to the ones you want to keep, always increasing those levels as you can (from 1* in the beginning to 3* and up…)

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Can troops be combined to make them stronger? Thx

Soon Tenor!! Update 1.4 should be when the new troop training building will be introduced. It will be accessible with Stronghold lvl 10, and can be put in place of existing buildings if you wish!


I come through this informs that I loved the update of the game now yes I am very happy with the game and satisfied congratulations

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After ubdat that game come so beuteful