Understanding DoT (Damage over Time)

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I can resist poison …20… :smiley:


You are correct. Ranvir can resist poison.

image https://aws1.discourse-cdn.com/smallgiantgames/original/3X/9/6/966ecaa2895401a27a9fad74433071dd2e2d852e.jpeg

Also, Kingston can resist fire. I didn’t think of these innate abilities.

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thank you, great job! Proteus is one of my main heroes, and though his mana block is the highlight of his skill, it’s still extremely useful to know this as his DOT has won me a few raids.


Has anyone noticed that the DoT in defense is DoT + Troops + 20%?

I have a few other examples with GM, Lady Locke, Morgan Le Fey, and all other DoT heroes.


Good thread. Learning everyday

Yes, Defense teams have a 20% bonus to attack and defense stats that’s separate from intrinsic base stats and Troops.

As DoT scales with the attack stat, it’s normal that a DoT dealer on Defense has a higher DoT amount than the exact same hero on Offense would, even with the same Troop — and that it would be exactly 20% higher.

adding in additional info from our conversation in Beta about this

Yes, exactly, which has caused a lot of confusion for many people.

You can find mention of this in several other places, e.g.

Plus topics like these:


Such a clear explanation and a wonderful post. Thank you thank you thank you!!! :pirate_flag::sunglasses::wink:

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Here is an example of damage over time(DOT) featuring two different kinds of it.
@zephyr1 @littleKAF
Feel free to add any explanation if needed.
It clearly shows the health meter draining after each turn on the heroes affected.
I will try to get a fire(burn) example and post that.
Hope this helps.


Here is another video demonstrating DOT, this one demonstrates burn damage over time. The opposing player also has a DOT hero in Marjana.
Notice Marjana dying at 3:12 mark from DOT
Hope this helps. @zephyr1 @littleKAF


Proteus does a lot of DoT but doesn’t appear to do any damage initially, unlike other poison heroes. Not very useful if you’re down to a just him with very few HP (or even a lot of HP) and there’s one enemy with more HP than the first damage Proteus’ attack will inflict. You still lose because the opponent gets a chance to hit back with enough of an attack to kill Proteus before dying.

Proteus isn’t the only one. Natalia is similar and the one of the new HOTM in beta is as well (Jean - fire damage).


Also, the new HotM for January (Vela) introduces a new DoT type, which is water damage over 4 turns. What I like about DoT is the different types stack (I’ll post a video in a minute).

Question: Do elemental debuffs, like Guardian Flacon’s fire defense debuff, increase the corresponding damage DoT attack (burn for fire)?


Here you can see burn, poison, and sand twister


DoT is not affected by elemental buffs or debuffs. The thread below has some good conversation in the subject. DoT is addressed around post 10.


I wonder why DoT in defense team is always higher than in offense team. My Proteus max +19 talent, 722 att, mana troop lv17. The opponent’s Proteus max +8 talent, 707 att, critical troop lv13. But their DoT is 456/3 turns, while my DoT is only 408/3 turns. Could you please explain me? Thank Pro.

Ps. I also noticed that the damage of a hero in defense team is always higher damage of the same hero in offense team, even they have approximately att, the targets have approximately def.

The power od defence team is higher, as I wrote about 20%.it is designed to balance the battle.


I didn’t know that, thank Pro.

so, I didn’t see it in here, is Heal over Time affected the same way? Now with costumes there are several heal over time heroes, and I am wondering if an offensive path would increase their healing.
I do not have one of them yet or I would test it myself.

I don’t believe so but admittedly have less experience with HoT heroes. Here is one example I found. First is a 4.70 Gaderius card I found on the forum. Second is 4.70 +19 Gaderius from my deck. As you can see from the base stats, I have leveled up his attack, defense, and health. The HoT amount does not change so it does not appear to be a function of these stats.


makes sense, % based heals dont get stronger so they would be hard to balance if these ones did. Thanks for the response

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