Does a DoT count as a hit?

Was wondering…(couldn’t find a thread on this)…
Does a Dot on a hero count as a hit?
Expl: Vela + Athena.
Would Vela’s Dot increase damage by 4% from Athena’s special?

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You can also always tag @Guvnor ; he loves talking about DoTs.


Just checked with my Athena and Vela. Yes, each time the DoT hurts it counts as a hit: Here’s a Melendor


How do the images posted support the “counts as hit” hypothesis? Yes there’s damage, but wouldn’t it be clearer if we had Brienne, for example, in place of Melendor whose status changes based on the number of times she’s hit? Maybe the images do support it, but I need some explanation.

Note, for example, that Jean-François inflicts DoT, but does not receive counterstrike damage, does that mean it’s not a hit?

Athena’s special: “The target and nearby enemies get -41% defense, and a further -4% decrease every time they are hit for turns.”

The difference between the second and third image is that I ran yellow tiles into Kage, the enemy attacked, Leo died from the water DoT, and Melendor took 62 damage from the water DoT. This can be seen from his HP going from 330 to 268 (delta = 62) and his water DoT turns decreasing from 4 to 3 left. At the same time his defense is is reduced from -45% to -49%, which indicates that he was hit.
=> Therefore the DoT counted as a hit

This should work the same for Kingstons special and any DoT.

AFAIK the riposte only works for direct damage - I guess it would have to counterattack at the fire/poison/whateverDoT and that would do nothing.


I see. thank you. That helps a lot.


Thanks for this @Zack,
This is just the example I was looking for.
I’m going to assume this works with Athena/Vela stack :dizzy: :boom: :100:


Oh, Doy!
Sometimes I’m a real potato head :man_facepalming:
That IS Vela and Athena


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