Defense damage bonus - 1.9 anyway

Did some quick and stupid testing of this; was always known that defense got a damage bonus in raids and actually this was pretty easy to nail down on beta with everyone’s having Natalya up haha.

Test: comparison of attacking Natalya vs defending Natalya damage
Control: same attack stat on troops for both teams (as they affect her damage)

TLDR: appears to be a 20% damage increase, which is a nice round number as expected.

Pics or it didn’t happen time!

My setup:

Opponent setup:

Defender Natalya damage against two different heroes:

Attacker Natayla damage against two different heroes (sorry the Perseus shot isn’t great, the damage does match identically to the other hit)

238/198 = 20% when rounded, QED.


So on the defence side she do a 840 total damage?

Thanks for doing the work and explaining it clearly. Thoroughly appreciated.

Without troop modifiers that’s the base but isn’t likely to match reality as there will be troops involved scaling it.

Oh, ok.
Wait a minute, on defence teams against green heroes she is just a monster.

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