Bug with Morgan Le Fay in raid

Okay I have been burned before so I’m asking if this is right or not. Here is stats before the fight draining 668 hp over 4 turns. Note there is a level 11 rebel infiltrator troop.

So in the raid I see the following. 804 hp drained over 4 turns which makes sense as troop gives 20 attack.

However after her special fired it now says 241 hp per turn 4 turns remaining. So 961 hp drained. Which equals another 20% attack bonus.

Like I said seems wrong but will wait for someone to confirm.

Some said the defenders in raid have another 20% damage bonus. (Because otherwise attacking would be too easy?)

When you inspect heroes you don’t see troop’s modified stats, right?

You do see the modified stats. Morgan has 714 on card and 856 in battle – see the screenshots.

When you inspect the hero the troop’s modifier isn’t showed (716 attack at lv 80) while when you start the battle then appear the total (hero’s stars + troop’s %).

HoT and DoT scales with hero’s attack + troop’s mod.

Only thing I have ever heard is the extra mana gain. @Dante2377 can you confirm?

Explaining that damage over time is actually dependant on the hero attack skill not just an absolute value, and that is why a hero with special 8/8 but not fully leveled has a weaker special than the 4-80 card in the summon gate is a regular event in this forum. Troops improve attack, so they also improve damage over time.

I’m not sure what you want me to confirm. the post below from Paulon explains it well. if there’s something more specific then spell it out before me and i’ll try and answer.

Your math is good. And I didn’t see additional buff to defend teams in my raids. So I can’t see any reasons for dealing 964 instead of 804

Morgan dealt +44% damage. Troops can’t buff like that

Am I missing something here then. Sure sounds like it is a bug then. @Petri

Wanted you to verify that something was wrong as you pointed out last time. I can’t see anyway to get to that much damage. So it must be a bug.

I remember @Revelate said once the defenders have +20% bonus damage, but maybe I’m not remembering correctly?

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You remember correctly, defender has a buff, that explains the OP’s problem.

Then what about his Tiburtus?

What about it? as said taking into account the troops +defenders bonus that is the correct amount of drainage.

Nope, Tibs is in the attacker’s team.

Conclusions: both morgan and tibs are showing their true stats and the bonus damage of the defender isn’t showed anywhere.
Even I have heard about 20% increased damage but clearly isn’t showed on attack stat.

I mean, you don’t have write nothing wrong but it were to make it clear to everyone that the showed stats were from troop’s %s.

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If there’s a 20% bonus damage, then all is good and there’s no bug. :slight_smile:
The difference between DoT and straight damage is that you can’t easily check if the straight damage is working properly. But for DoT they needed to show the +20% when you inspect the heroes during raid because otherwise you’d notice your heroes taking 20% more damage (and the bug report would be “my heroes take 120 damage but it says when I inspect them the poison/etc. does 100 damage!”).
If I’m right then all DoT on raid attacking heroes should be +20%, not just on those hit by Morgan.

If there is a 20% bonus then it should be documented. It should really show on the card in the game.

I tested on Beta, I found a Gravemaker to attack. Inspecting him during the fight, it said “368 damage over two turns” (including the troops, that was correct). He did 2 * 221 = 442 = 368 * 1.2. So it’s working as intended.

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