(Un)lucky Atlantis Pulls

In this Atlantis events pulled some 5* i.e. 2x Misandra, Musashi and Poseidon.

My current 5 stars before the addition are
Misandra 3.1
Justice 2.60
Ranvir 2.60
Lacking a Compass to ascend any of the yellows.

Now I don’t know which of the 5s I need to work on.
Yellow: Musashi or Poseidon?
Blue: Continue with the 3.1 Misandra or start a new one for stacking?

I have 1 4th tiered 4* team but only Little John at max 4.70.

I am at level 31 player on lower Platinum Raid arena.


The complete roster:


Just put a hold on 5* and work on your 4*, there are just better than 5* at 3/60 against 2/60 and they are till better at 4/70 against 3/70.

Just get back to 5 when you have collected the mats for final ascension.

Then poseidon is better than musashi and missandra is a good heroe.


I would take all your partially-levelled heroes to the next ascension wall. Then work on maxing more 4s before working on 5s

Thanks guys.
It’s a bit messy indeed. The point was to be able to stack colors aginst titans and tanks and for wars.

But then finally some 4* heroes are on 4th ascension and not yet on level 70 while others have been leveled as well.
While aI think at that time I was waiting for mats as well.


  • Should I prioritize on finishing some 4* or 3rd asc or finish the ones on 4th asc?
    E.g. work on Grimm 3.x or Boril 4.x until 4.70?
    Same goes with BT 4.x vs Colen 3.x
    LiXiu 4.x vs Danza or Chao…?

Boril, Proteus, Li, Boldtusk, and Kashrek would be the ones I’d start with. Grimm, Gormek, Sabina, and Misandra to 3/70 after that

Kashrek isn’t that amazing for them since they already have a fully levelled Gadeirus who is better than Kashrek imo.

Kashrek is one of the 4* they are safe to abandon where he is. The rest of your advice was sound

Caedmon and Melendor >>>>>>> Kashrek

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