Roster advice needed

Hi all,

Before the current Atlantis I was pretty happy with slow but regular progress in the game. After 7 magic pulls from yesterday I have so many heroes I have ever wanted, but it’s impossible to do them at the same time.

Before the Atlantis I finished Wu and Cyprian and was focused of leveling Rigard, Jackal and Scarlett to 3-60 (no gloves to full ascension). Yesterday I pulled Misandra, Wilbur and Melendor. So now I have to level 5 heroes at the same time (Red Wilbur will start progressing once Scarlett is finished 3-51 already). I find it really hard to make so many ascensions at the same time. My hero number limit is 75 right now. I bought 10 slots already. But usually when I am lucky to get 10 in one color to level some hero most effectively, 5-7 out of 10 are 1* and there is a low chance to upgrade the special ability. I have 300 gems to spend I and was thinking that much wiser would be buying 6x5 hero slots instead of pulling one more hero. Would you agree?

The plan for me is to be as much effective as possible because yesterday I wasted so many chances to upgrade special ability…

I also have a problem with AM so maybe you could tell me if it’s better to finish Grimm first once I have gloves and fourth cape (3 atm) or make Misandra 3-70. Grimm and Ulmer are my only blues so red titans laugh hard seeing my team :smiley:

I have no doubts Rigard, Jackal and Wilbur are most important and should be maxed first but maybe u have different opinion based on the pictures above.

My AM:
D. Blade: 1
Rings: 3
Darts: 1
Tabaard: 1
Tome of tactics: 1
Compass: 8
Gloves: 0
Hidden Blade: 6
Orb of Magic: 1
Shield: 5
Trap tools: 6
Cape: 3

Start working on wilbur, melendor, rigard, yellow guardian, while waiting for gloves, take musandra to 2:60 but finish grimm first. Take all of them to 3:60, they all are great heroes. And yes, definetly buy slots for heroes, you don’t need more than you have. And I suggest oberon and ishtack to use as food, they don’t deserve to be leveled.


how many hero slots would you suggest? 100 or less?

Oberon could be useful in 3* Raid Tournaments or challenge events. Would suggest not to feed 3*s away at this stage of the game, unless you really really need hero slots.

good advice though on taking your 4s to 3/60 first while waiting for Fine Gloves. At your stage in the game, do your 4s first before bringing your 5s to 2/60. At 2/60, 5s are still quite weak, and you won’t have the materials yet anyway.

I suggest you wait until you do get some Fine Gloves, and then review your AMs and your roster. You never know what might change then.

Grimm would be a good choice to ascend though, as you only have Wu and Cyprian, both more “support” heroes. Grimm hits hard and complements them, but also gives a good defense debuff against 3 enemies. If you don’t choose Grimm, I suggest you still pick a Blue, Green or Red so you can make progress towards having a rainbow 4* team. and preferably a hitter.

Scarlett is another good choice. Fast mana, hits pretty hard, and has a nice attack debuff against 3 enemies.

For Greens, consider Little John. Slow mana is not ideal, but he hits hard and is great against enemies that gain mana (Raids, Wars, bosses).

Healers like Melendor or Rigard can work decently at 3/60 for now.

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Thanks for your help guys. Now when Scarlett is at 3-60 I can tell that she is pretty useful in quests. She and Grimm both hit 3 targets and it’s pretty fun to watch. I like to take Scarlett and Kelile toghether as they strike at the same time. Wu kong after full ascending stopped to be one shoted and is pretty op on the map and titan. I work on Misandra simultaneously as she is the only blue hero to level up. Wilbur will be a huge impact on titan.

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