3000 gems, atlantis or normal invocation?

Hey guys, I am a little bit hesitating. The fact is I have 3000 gems, and I dont know if I should go for a 3000 gems atlantis invocation or the 2600 normal one, or maybe something else that I dont know of. Any ideas please? I dunno if the chance to have my first 5* is the same or no, knowing that I have none!

(PS: I am new to the game, I have 10 epic heros 4*, and a bunch of rare 3* ones )

rng is the masta, but slighty better % odds in atlantis and elemental summons pull, for the 5* drop rate

nothing is writen, pray the god of random !!

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Atlantis or the next event is probably your best time to use them. I don’t recall what event is coming up.

As stated you have slightly (barely) better odds for a 5* in Atlantis and Elemental summons.

Being new I may suggest Atlantis tomorrow. The new HOTM comes out and I feel is more desireable than Kunchen plus you have a shot at Aeron (5* healer over time in same color) and Ariel (Blue 5* healer).

Just my 2 cents.

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You’ll also get a an ascension mat in atlantis, so i’d vote for that.


good point, I forgot about that.

Atlantis for sure. Chance of getting nothing is high, even on a 10 pull, but with Atlantis you are guaranteed a 3-4* ascension item


Please take what I say with a grain of salt (or a whole salt lick) because I have horrible luck on pulls.

But I’m getting my S1 heroes slowly but surely through TC20. I cannot get Atlantis heroes that way; the only way to get them is through Atlantis summons.

I don’t like every Atlantis hero, but there are some shining stars I am dying to obtain, and they are only in Atlantis.

That would be my choice. (And if I got only 3*, I would curse the RNG gods and set fire to their effigy, but these things happen.) :wink:


Rook, if I may ask, what are the Atlantis heroes that you really would like to obtain?

Well keep in mind that I am a cat, and there is no accounting for our taste, but:

  • Kageburado
  • Missandra
  • Inari
  • Tarlak
  • Wilbur
  • Triton
  • Mok-Arr
  • Ameonna
  • New: Ariel

Guess who has a lot of Atlantis 3*? :grin:


Thanks for the quick reply. Appreciated ! :+1:

forgot Proteus but maybe you listed what you don’t have.

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Yes, I only listed what I want. I have Proteus on a leash, and am feeding him tons of treats so he will grow up to be dangerous! :rofl:

@Karlos_Squire ^^


:slight_smile: I have Wilbur and love him. I am now starting to realize the potential of Proteus, so likewise I’m feeding him !


The difference is getting ulmered now or getting ulmered later. :rofl:

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I myself was reluctant on Proteus at first but fed him due to the hype. Then I saw his value. He is good.

He is dangerous as hell… As Hel, get it?! :grinning::grinning::grinning:


Lol #dadjoke = liked

Well I got Triton today

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